Athletes and Painkiller Addiction

Athletes and Painkiller AddictionPainkiller addiction affects hundreds of thousands of people in California each year – and many of those people are athletes. Painkiller addiction is ripping through the sports world, and more and more athletes are unfortunately developing a problem with these pills.

Why Athletes in California Are Drawn to Painkillers

The majority of athletes who struggle with painkiller addiction in California do not begin their use as a means to escape. More commonly, the painkiller has been prescribed simply to treat the physical pain they are experiencing. A painkiller addiction can grow out of that usage slowly over time. Since painkillers are narcotics, the probability of an addiction is very high. Other aspects of an athlete’s life can play a role in the development of an addiction as well, but each athlete is different and will experience different causes of addiction. Included in the following are a few issues that may lead an athlete to abuse and become addicted to painkillers:

  • Injuries: One of the primary ways an athlete may get drawn into painkiller addiction is through injuries sustained in their career. More often than not, painkiller addiction is seen in athletes who have retired from their sport. It can begin by trying to relieve physical pain, but can quickly escalate into an addiction.
  • Addressing uncovered issues: Just like anyone else, athletes have issues of their own that may be traumatic enough for them to seek alternative coping methods. Their fast-paced lifestyle can make it easy to get overwhelmed, and past issues may creep up on them.
  • High-stress environment: Athletes are under high pressure emotionally and mentally, and that kind of pressure can have a severe effect on the body as well. All aspects of an athlete’s life become tied to his or her career, and they are constantly expected to perform at their best and work even harder when they don’t perform well.

Are You an Athlete Struggling with a Painkiller Addiction in California?

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