California Private Detox Programs

One of the first stages of drug abuse treatment is detox. Detoxification allows you to stop using drugs or alcohol, and cleanses the toxins they’ve introduced into your body from your system. The detox process can take anywhere from a week to multiple weeks, depending on the form of detox you’ve chosen.

Be aware that self-detox is not recommended as there are many risks involved. Most self-rehabilitation efforts fail because symptoms of withdrawal become too difficult to overcome, and the addict can even overdose as a direct result of their attempts. If you’re unsure of your ability to detox on your own, there are California drug treatment options available. While detox is available in most rehabilitation programs, some find themselves more comfortable in a private detox-only program instead.

What California Private Detox Programs Offer

California private detox programs are available to anyone looking to change a fundamental aspect of addiction – the physical dependency. Your physical addiction to a drug or alcohol makes it difficult to function normally without the substance and can even threaten your health. In order to counteract this, detox flushes the drugs out of your system and helps you avoid relapse should you experience withdrawal during the process.

California private detox programs, however, allows you to do all of these things without worrying about your personal information being compromised for the sake of treatment. Private facilities are focused on confidentiality and often are run more like luxury hotels than traditional rehab facilities. This can be helpful since the detox process can vary in length. A comfortable place to stay can make a world of difference to your recovery.

The detox process itself remains relatively constant regardless of the facility or addiction in question, but it’s important for you to understand how it works.

What to Expect in California Private Detox Programs

Understanding the typical detox process can help make you aware of the side effects and possible risks involved. Of the possible side effects of detox, withdrawal is considered the most serious. Opiate and alcohol withdrawal can cause extreme nausea, fever and even pain. Other drug withdrawal periods can even have lasting psychological effects.

In order to combat these physical effects, private detox staff can prescribe medications or herbal remedies for pain and nausea. Emotional effects are tougher to handle, but can be minimized as well.

Finding California Private Detox Programs

One of the benefits of a California private detox program is that your health and comfort are taken into account throughout the entire detox period. Between the amenities you’re provided and the medical help available, private detox allows you to break your physical dependency safely and maintain your personal boundaries.

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