Can I Detox at Home?

Can I Detox at Home?Detoxing at home in California is never a good idea. There is no way to predict how your body is going to react to the process, and depending on the substances involved unsupervised detox can cause lasting physical harm. Those who detox at home without the help of medical or addiction professionals are much less likely to achieve a successful and lasting recovery than those who receive adequate support in an environment conducive to recovery.

Why Do California Residents Need Drug Detoxification Support?

Detoxing from a substance is not an easy process, and you will need the help of other people to succeed. Because most drugs alter the chemical functioning of the brain, when a drug is taken away significant imbalances can occur. This can result in severe mood swings accompanied by symptoms of depression and anxiety. When your mind is affected by drug use, it is difficult to think clearly or rationally, and without help you are likely to give up and return to drug use just to make these symptoms go away. You need someone by your side to encourage you and remind you that what you are feeling is drug-related. You need the support of others to accomplish your goal of finding a drug-free life in California.

Why Is Detoxing in a Specialized Facility Helpful for California Residents?

Because detox is potentially dangerous, it is important that you are under the care of a qualified physician or addiction professional during the process. A medical professional can help you formulate a plan of treatment that will make your detox as painless and safe as possible. He or she can also prescribe medications to treat the symptoms of withdrawal and can intervene if at any point the situation becomes dangerous. Issues such as seizures and coma can arise, so it is important to be monitored by a medical professional. It is also helpful to detox in a drug-free environment, where you can focus fully on recovering.

Is Detoxification Enough for California Residents to Get Clean from Addiction?

While detox is a necessary step in getting free from an addiction, it is only a part of the recovery process. Detox treats the physical aspects of the addiction, but addiction is rarely just a physical phenomenon. There are almost always root issues at play that, unless uncovered and treated, will continue to perpetuate the addiction. In order to achieve a lasting recovery it will be necessary to undergo comprehensive rehab treatment that includes elements such as counseling, therapy and support group attendance along with other treatments that might be helpful for individual circumstances. Dual Diagnosis treatment may also be needed, if you are suffering from a co-occurring mental health disorder such as depression or bipolar disorder. These issues are common among addicted California residents. You can get clean, and you can stay that way for a lifetime.

Drug Detoxification Help for California Residents

Are you struggling with an addiction to drugs or alcohol, and are you wondering if you need professional addiction treatment? Please call our toll-free helpline and speak with one of our trained counselors. We can answer any questions or connect you with quality treatment. There is no reason to go through detox alone, so please call us now.

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