Drug Intervention

Drug InterventionWhen thinking about a drug intervention, you may imagine a scenario in which everyone ends up yelling at each other and nothing is solved. This is not an uncommon scenario, because many individuals do not prepare for an intervention or do not learn to approach their loved ones in a way that helpful rather than accusative. Taking the time to conduct a proper intervention for someone you care about will improve the likelihood that your friend or family member will cooperate and can also help him or her achieve a life in California without the use of drugs or alcohol.

What Details Are Involved When Planning an Addiction Intervention?

People are as different as the addictions that affect them, and each person has different needs when it comes time to speak with them about substance abuse. Each California resident will benefit from a different approach, but there are a few general tips that can apply to all interventions.

While the tone of your voice and the ideas that your words convey may seem like a relatively small thing, your intervention approach can prevent your loved one from seeing the message of support and caring you are trying to provide. Your friend or family member may feel judged or accused, even if that is not your intention. Making a conscious effort to be kind and loving in your approach can go a long way in gaining someone’s initial trust and confidence.

While having additional family members, friends and peers available to you when speaking with someone you care about can be effective, it can also be confrontational. This situation can easily lead to a me versus them mentality and can also be embarrassing for the person you are trying to help. When making the decision as to whether or not you will seek the help of other family members, think about your friend or family member’s personality and how he or she will respond to large numbers of people.

Drug Interventions for California Residents

If you would like to learn more about holding an intervention for a friend or family member or about finding interventionist services, feel free to call our helpline. We are here 24 hours a day to answer any questions you may have and point you toward quality options for rehab should you need them. All calls and phone services are free and confidential. You can help your loved one overcome addiction. Call now.

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