Drug Temptations for Professionals

Drug Temptations for Professionals

Stress is an important factor that may result in drug use among professionals

Most people imagine an unemployed, unkempt and downtrodden individual when they think of a drug addict. However, there are many working professionals with addiction problems. Professionals often hold stressful jobs and must endure high pressure, fast paced work, long hours and fierce competition. An addiction issue in the workplace affects not just the employee but also the employer because it can result in loss of customer service, productivity and revenue. Employees abusing drugs are more likely to be tardy and involved in work related accidents. Medical costs and absences from work are also often a result of addiction in the workplace.

Professionals in California with addiction issues are not uncommon. People with well-paying jobs may be sucked into the world of drug abuse because of the constant stress in their lives and temptations that are available to them. It often becomes necessary for such employees to seek a private rehab for professionals to deal with their addiction issues.

Temptations for Professionals With Addiction

In many cases, alcohol and drug use in the workplace can be influenced by the way company management approaches drinking, drug use issues and workplace expectations. Employees with co-workers that often drink together or use drugs are tempted to abuse drugs themselves. Networking with co-workers after work hours can also result in alcohol abuse or drug use among professionals. If the employees in an organization have accepting attitudes towards alcohol and drug use, there may be more opportunities for an employee to abuse drugs.

Another important factor that may result in drug use in the professional world is stress. Stress can greatly influence drug use when adequate social support is not available. Poor worker and management relations, isolated work place, shift work, boredom and physically demanding work are some of the factors that may contribute to workplace stress and therefore drug use. High-level executives, lawyers, pilots, doctors and managers are also prone to extraordinary stress.

Measures Employers can Take to Help Professionals With Addiction

Other than encouraging their employees to enroll in a private addiction rehab, employers can take several other measures to increase safety and reduce the risk of drug use among employees. Organizations must have a workplace alcohol and drug use policy in place and the policy must be enforced consistently. It is also important to have an assistance program to help employees with stress and addiction issues. Educating employees about how to cope with workplace stress in effective and healthy ways can also help. Organizations can also strive to create a supportive, healthy work environment where employees feel free to discuss workplace issues instead of depending on substance abuse.

If an employee you know is struggling with an addiction, consider helping that employee. It is much more effective and reasonable to encourage an employee to enter rehab for a few weeks, rather than trying to fire, hire and re-train a new employee.

If you are a professional in California hiding an addiction problem, it is in your best interest to seek help. Treatment may seem overwhelming, but addiction will take a far more serious toll on your future success. Professional executive rehabs are available. Call our 24 hour, toll-free number today to find a rehab for professionals in your area.

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