Family Dynamics and Addiction

Family Dynamics and AddictionFamilies are extremely complex and can either make or break the overall tone of life. When it comes to addiction, many California users may cite their families as the cause of use, while others refer to their families as what kept them strong during recovery. Either way, as families play a pivotal role in addiction, it is important to understand the dynamics that can impact a user’s life.

How Family Dynamics Impact Addiction

A family dynamic can make a person’s addiction either better or worse. Because families are such an integral part of life, their actions and involvement in addiction’s development or recovery can be critical to a California drug user. Family dynamics can impact addiction in the following ways:

  • Causing addiction – A poor childhood can initiate Californians to become addicted. A negative home environment, physical or sexual abuse, neglect or overall disorganization may compel children to develop insecurity issues, anxiety problems and potential depression, which can all lead to drugs and/or alcohol abuse. When people use drugs to cope with family issues, the family has contributed to addiction.
  • Preventing addiction – Even though many drug addicts cite their past as a cause for drug use, other people develop addictions through experimentation or as a cause of their own personal issues. In this case, California families can support someone who is using by getting her to accept treatment, applying boundaries to prevent drug use and continually ensuring her safety.

Regardless of if a family caused or solved a loved one’s addiction, family dynamics can set the tone for how a person’s addiction recovery will pan out.

Family Dynamics and Treatment

After accepting treatment, recovering California drug addicts need to develop a strong support system that will promote sober and undermine the potentials of relapsing. Therefore, those people who have families who are willing to support sobriety often find success in recovery, as their close relatives work to accomplish this major goal. On the other hand, those drug users whose families contributed to or encouraged drug abuse in the first place may either face difficulty in staying sober. This may be because they are still plugged into their family’s negative influence and/or lack a strong support system, because the family is unwilling to participate in rehab. These family influences can make recovery either increasingly challenging or simple, depending on the user’s specific family dynamics.

Help for California Drug Addicts

Let us help you or a California loved one overcome drug abuse and family dynamics. By calling our toll-free, 24 hour helpline today, you can get and stay sober. Don’t hesitate to reach out for help; call us right now for instant support.

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