Finding a CARF-certified Rehab Center

Finding a CARF-certified rehab centerCARF stands for the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities, and it promotes quality, value and optimal outcomes of addiction recovery services for California residents. The goal of CARF is to set the utmost standards for rehab programs, organizations and the services they provide, so that a patient’s quality of life vastly improves. CARF accredits several types of rehab programs worldwide for both drug and alcohol addiction. A CARF-certified rehab center ensures that a rehab facility has been thoroughly evaluated and meets all necessary standards and requirements for treating addiction. When searching for a rehab facility, you can easily separate the good from the bad by researching CARF-certified treatment programs and facilities.

What Standards Does CARF Hold for Addiction Rehabilitation Centers?

CARF holds rehab centers responsible for meeting a wide array of standards that improve the outcome of the facilities programs and services. The commission does an on-site evaluation of the facility and staff, and it even conducts surveys with patients and family members of patients. Accreditation depends upon a facility’s ability to provide and commit to quality improvement, focus on the individual needs of the patient, and monitor the patient’s results in California after rehab. The commission makes sure the facility meets the industry’s latest standards by reevaluating the rehab center every three years.

Certification from CARF ensures the highest level of rehab services on the market; it guarantees that a facility has the quality staff and resources needed for treatment. The CARF-approval also shows how dedicated a rehab facility is to providing the best care for its patients. If a facility is striving to meet CARF standards, it is dedicated to being among the best treatment providers in the nation. CARF-accreditation is voluntary; rehab facilities who are certified guarantee the resources and staff needed to overcome one’s addiction.

What Should California Residents Look for When Choosing a Rehab Center?

Choosing a quality program is vital to recovery. Without quality treatment a California resident is likely to fall back into addictive behaviors after rehab. Addiction recovery means much more than simply “quitting” an addiction; true recovery means making permanent lifestyle changes that will prevent relapse and addictive behavior for the long-haul. When looking for quality treatment programs, patients should research the following factors: the facility itself, the staff and its credentials, success rates, programs offered, accreditation, mission and services available. You should never select a rehab program blindly, or based on cost alone. Quality rehab programs will always offer medically-supervised detox, counseling and therapy, and a monitored aftercare plan.

How Do I Know If an Addiction Treatment Center is CARF-approved?

If you are looking for a quality rehab center that is CARF-accredited, please call our 24 hour, toll-free helpline now. Our highly trained counselors can help you find the CARF-certified rehab facility you are looking for and can answer any additional questions you may have about drug or alcohol addiction recovery. The first step to finding true addiction recovery for your life in California is selecting a quality rehab program that best fits your unique recovery needs. Searching for a reputable rehab center can be overwhelming and confusing, so call us for help. Please pick up the phone and give us a call today.

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