What Happens When Public Role Models Open up About Addiction

What Happens When Public Role Models Open up About Addiction

Openly discussing addiction can help numerous others express their struggles with addiction and seek help

Although not all public figures open up about their addiction, those who do help others in ways they never could have imagined. Opening up about addiction takes an immense amount of strength along and strong support system.

Benefits of Public Role Models Opening up About Their Addiction Struggles

When a role model opens up about his addiction struggles, it helps other addicts in numerous ways. Included in the following are some examples of the benefits everyday Californians reap when public role models come to terms and address their addictions:

  • Not alone
  • Addiction doesn’t discriminate
  • Awareness

Many addicts feel as though they are alone with their addiction and their addiction struggles. By having a public role model acknowledge and discuss their addiction, it can help other struggling addicts understand they are not the only ones struggling with addiction. Addiction can affect every social class, community, and family. We often forget how fast addiction spreads and how it’s effects can be felt by many. By having a prominent figure, athlete or Hollywood star share their addiction story, it helps raise awareness of the struggles and bring light to addiction.

What Happens if They React Poorly to the Publicity?

Publicity, especially publicity surrounding a delicate situation, can cause individuals to lash out and become agitated when the situation would normally require calmness. Included in the following are some examples of how a bad reaction to the publicity can affect other addicts:

  • Shame
  • Negative views
  • Continued or worsened use

By having someone, especially a public figure, show shame and embarrassment about his addiction can in turn cause another to feel embarrassed about her addiction. This can cause the public to view addiction in an even more dark light, ignoring those who are addicted and believing the stigmas surrounding them rather than the truth. This can also cause an addict to continue to use and abuse drugs to help alleviate the feelings of shame and embarrassment they continue to develop.

Drug Addiction Treatment

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