Heroin Use in California

California Heroin TreatmentAlthough there are many drugs available in the State of California, heroin is quite prevalent. Heroin can be administered in a number of ways, but drug enforcement officials are finding that many new users are becoming addicted to a form of the drug that can be snorted instead of injected. This high purity form may cause the users to experience the drug differently, and can even lead to different effects on their health.

Physical Effects of Heroin on California Addicts

Heroin is highly addictive because the body grows reliant on the drug from very early on. Although the delivery method will change the time and intensity of a heroin high, users all experience the same rush or sense of euphoria that comes from their bodies reacting to the depression of the central nervous system. The heart rate slows, and coordination can become impaired.

Users are likely to feel withdrawal soon after the last use, making it difficult for you to function normally. Drug withdrawal can cause tremors, sweating, dry mouth and even pain if the reaction is very severe. Long-term users also begin to experience declining health, as heroin can damage the liver and depress the immune system. Unsafe sharing of needles can also lead to blood diseases.

Although heroin is primarily a physically addictive drug, dependency still takes hold in other areas.

Emotional Effects of Heroin on California Addicts

No matter what form of addiction a drug causes, there is always going to be emotional fallout. California heroin users are prone to feeling anxiety or depression when they are without the drug. This is a common symptom of withdrawal, since you’ll feel distressed when you can’t satisfy your body’s craving for more of the drug.

Other emotional issues arise when your addiction begins to impact the people closest to you. Friends and family members may become angry or judgmental concerning your drug use and that can lead to you feeling isolated and seeking out more heroin. You may even feel that your relationships are somewhat to blame for your addiction’s beginnings.

Causes of Heroin Addiction

Although there are no concrete causes for any addiction, it’s often seen that people begin using drugs in order to deal with other issues in their lives. Depression and drug abuse are strongly linked, and poor coping mechanisms for trauma at home or at work have also been found to contribute to addiction.

When this is the case, addicts are often encouraged to speak with professionals who can help them get their lives back on track. Contact us if you’d like more information on how to handle a heroin addiction. We can provide you with information on top-quality heroin drug treatment centers in California.

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