How Helping Others Reinforces Your Own Addiction Recovery

How Helping Others Reinforces Your Own Addiction RecoveryHelping others sets a recovering addict up for long-term sobriety success. It is a crucial ingredient for maintaining sobriety despite the recurring temptations or memories that will be found in California.

Helping Others Works for Recovering California Residents

Although the specifics vary on how and when the recovering addict is to begin to help others, the benefits of mutual support are clear. Serving others is important for the following reasons:

  • Addiction is selfish, but helping others keeps you attention focused outward
  • Sponsoring a fellow addict through recovery keeps your focus on the basic concepts and skills needed to get and stay clean in California the same skills they must continue cultivating in order to stay clean
  • Helping others feels good and triggers healthy reward system responses in the brain

What Does Helping Others through Addiction Recovery Involve?

There are many ways to help others and reinforce your addiction recovery. This help may be directly related to addiction and recovery and involve such elements as the following:

  • Attending support group meetings and participating actively
  • Sponsoring another recovering addict who is not as far down the path to freedom
  • Tactfully sharing your recovery success and insights about addiction with addicts who are not yet in recovery or who are in the early stages of ending drug or alcohol use
  • Developing a productive, disciplined lifestyle in California that places others at the center

Many recovering addicts who engage in this kind of supportive behavior find it incredibly satisfying and rewarding. Some go on to become sobriety coaches or counselors themselves. If volunteering and helping with other recovering individuals does not interest you, you can gain many of the same benefits of helping others through volunteering at soup kitchens, animal shelters or a non-profit organization of your choice.

Finding Opportunities to Help Others with Addiction Recovery

If you are searching for ways to invest in others’ recovery journey, or if you would like to begin your own journey to addiction freedom, please call our toll-free helpline. Our counselors can connect you with excellent support groups and recovery programs for your specific needs, and they are available 24 hours a day to do so. Call today, and learn how you can benefit by giving back.

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