How to Stop Using Drugs

How to Stop Using DrugsWhen people in California ask the question, “How can I stop using drugs?” they have developed physical dependence on the drug or they have developed an addiction in which they experience cravings and loss of control. Coming to a realization that drug use needs to be stopped is important. Denial is a hallmark of addiction, and overcoming it is the first step in ending drug use.

Understanding the Addiction Process

Understanding the addiction process reveals why it is so difficult to stop consuming a drug once abuse or addiction has developed. Although drugs vary in their effects, there are similarities between them. Drugs change users’ bodies in physical ways, and their bodies adapt to those changes. Drug-induced changes are often related to neurotransmitter levels. The human body is always seeking to correct imbalances, so when drug-induced changes occur, the body reacts with changes in an opposing direction. If neurotransmitter levels are raised by the drug, the body is likely to produce fewer natural transmitters or to make receptors less sensitive to the neurotransmitter’s effects. This produces drug tolerance in which larger amounts of the drug are needed to produce results once produced by a smaller dose.

Drug tolerance is a sign that a user’s body is adapting to the presence of a drug. For many California residents the next step on the journey to addiction is physical dependence. Physical dependence occurs, because the body comes to consider the presence of a drug as normal. People may be physically dependent on a drug without realizing it, if they don’t recognize withdrawal symptoms for what they are.

Help for Addicted California Residents

The brain changes caused by both the drug and the body’s response to it are what make it difficult to overcome an addiction. The brain can heal, but the process takes time and patience. As it heals, it is important for California residents addicted to drugs to get help from those who understand addiction and recovery.

There are a number of ways to get help, and no one program or course of action is right for everyone in California. The best course of action begins with a medically supervised detox process during which withdrawal symptoms are monitored and managed. This should be followed by rehab on either a residential or outpatient basis. During rehab patients will do the following:

  • Learn about personal drug triggers and how to avoid relapse
  • Have help overcoming ambivalence and finding the motivation to get and stay clean
  • Learn new coping techniques
  • Come to understand underlying thoughts and beliefs that contribute to drug use

Rehab provides the resources needed for lasting recovery.

California Residents Can Stop Using Drugs

If you are ready to stop using drugs, give us a call and let us help you determine your options. We can help you find a program to meet your needs and can also check your insurance coverage. Our helpline is toll free, and it is staffed around the clock, so there is never a wrong time to call. Drugs can take control of your life, but you can take charge again. Call now.

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