How Your Sobriety Leaves a Positive Legacy

Many recovering addicts sponsor others, volunteer during aftercare and step in whenever they can to promote recovery. On the other hand, drug users steal money, time, health and happiness from themselves and others. In response to these conflicting lifestyles, one goal of long-term addiction recovery is to change a user’s legacy from one of selfishness into one of selflessness. The benefits of helping other people are innumerable, because they change a legacy of abusing people into one of helping as many California residents as possible.

Help Others to Change Your Legacy

It is never too early in the recovery process to change the legacy you will leave behind. In fact, you can start now to find and maintain a drug-free life that benefits California residents. Getting sober often involves volunteer work throughout treatment and recovery: ScienceDaily shares that “40 percent of the alcoholics who helped other alcoholics during their recovery successfully avoided drinking in the 12 months following three months in chemical dependency treatment, whereas only 22 percent of those that did not help others stayed sober” (“Helping Others Helps Alcoholics Stay on the Road to Recovery,” January 29, 2011). In other words, if you change your legacy by helping others, then you nearly double your chances of finding and maintaining recovery.

Furthermore, if you help other people overcome addiction, then you will create a ripple effect where the people you help will lead others to health, and so on. In short, the sooner a California drug addict pursues recovery and helps others, the sooner other users can do the same selfless act; the legacy of a sober life includes changing the lives and legacies of others.

How Sobriety Creates a Positive Legacy

Helping other California drug addicts can create positive change in your own life. Such help motivates sobriety while affecting positive change in the world at large. ScienceDaily reveals that “94 percent of alcoholics who helped other alcoholics…continued to do so as part of their ongoing recovery, and experienced lower levels of depression.” The benefits of helping others continue throughout recovery, so it almost seems selfish to withhold your experience when you see the statistics about how helpful you can be. However, volunteering in another person’s recovery only works if the other participant is willing, so remember that the pursuit of a positive, sober life includes the benefit of a positive legacy.

How California Drug Addicts can Change Their Legacy

Don’t leave behind a legacy of addiction; instead of passing on feelings of loneliness, depression and worry, change how you affect the world by getting and staying clean from drugs. This task is not as daunting as it may seem, because it can begin today with just one call. Reach out to our 24 hour, toll-free helpline to pursue a happy, healthy, sober life that gives back to your California loved ones and their future.

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