The Legal Ramifications of Drug Use

The Legal Ramifications of Drug Use

Drug use could result in jail time

The United States has explicit and clear drug abuse laws. The local, state and federal level drug laws in California justify a conviction and arrest in many circumstances, making it important for you to reconsider drug use. Each state has different laws when it comes to drug use, but depending on the applicable laws in the area you live in, even possessing drug paraphernalia can warrant arrest. Learn about the legal consequences and consider all the facts before you make any decisions related to drugs.

Drug Laws in California

Each state has specific penalties and laws related to drugs that deal with distribution, use, possession and manufacturing, as well as all drug related behavior. For example, the California drug laws make it illegal for anyone under the age of 21 to purchase or consume alcohol. Alcohol sale is also regulated very strictly. Driving under the influence of alcohol may result in penalties of up to one year in jail. Any subsequent offenses could be considered felony charges. Also, all forms of cocaine are considered illegal by the drug laws in California. It is therefore illegal to possess or consume cocaine. Possessions can result in felony or misdemeanor and can result in prison time of three years.

The federal laws are usually stricter than state or local laws. They prohibit the dispensing, distribution, manufacturing and use of certain controlled substances. This law also states that violating the law can impact your eligibility for federal benefits like food stamps, contracts and loans. There are also special penalties in place against distribution of drugs to minors. Federal penalties are much higher in comparison to California drug laws. For example, a crime that can result in a year of prison time according to state laws can result in 10 years of prison at the federal level.

Consequences of Violating California Drug Laws

If you are caught using, selling or possessing drugs or are even spending too much time around people who use drugs, you may face serious legal consequences. A drug based conviction can have a major impact on your life as you may be sentenced to prison time and find it difficult to get a job, join the military or even obtain college loans.

If you need addiction help, there are many rehab centers that can help. Call our toll-free number today to prevent a drug abuse problem from ruining your life. If you have already experienced legal problems related to drug use, take a moment to see if rehab instead of jail time makes more sense for your future. Although recovery may be challenging, entering rehab can help you create a secure, happy life in the future.

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