Marijuana Addiction in California

Marijuana is the most commonly abused drug in the United States. With more than 175,000 kilograms of marijuana confiscated by federal drug enforcement forces in 2007, evidence supports that the trend continues in California. Often, the perception of marijuana is that it’s relatively harmless to use; however, even marijuana is addictive and can have negative consequences when abused.

The perception that marijuana is a soft drug often comes from the immediate effects the drug displays. What many don’t realize is that even these effects can lead to something more difficult to maintain.

Effects of Marijuana Use on California Residents

When using marijuana, you experience a relaxed, sometimes even giddy feeling. Your motor functions can be affected as can your judgment, but marijuana users consider the drug to be less dangerous than opiates which slow your respiration to dangerous levels, or cocaine which can increase your heart rate to the point where strokes are a concern.

Unfortunately, the perception that marijuana has no negative side effects isn’t quite true. Marijuana has been linked to a change in brain chemistry, and can have a profound impact on you emotionally.

California Marijuana RehabSide Effects of Marijuana Addiction

Although marijuana may not be physically addictive, it has been linked to mental or psychological addictions instead. Marijuana interacts with neurotransmitters in the brain and helps make you experience euphoria when using the drug and causes depression when you go without. The National Institute on Drug Abuse has even compared the effects of nicotine and marijuana, and found withdrawal experiences to be quite similar. Along with experiencing depression, marijuana withdrawal means you may experience insomnia, or become unable to focus at school or at work. A more tangible side effect of marijuana addiction can be seen in an increase in respiratory illnesses and asthma among long-term marijuana users.

Your health may not be the only thing in your life to suffer because of your marijuana use. Relationships and friendships may suffer because of marijuana abuse as well.

Personal Consequences of Marijuana Addiction

Marijuana abuse has a number of unintended consequences. Your relationship with friends may suffer if they feel you have a problem but refuse to acknowledge it. You may find yourself in legal trouble, should your habits cause you to make poor decisions and drive while intoxicated or while in possession of the drug. Drug abuse is highly frowned upon by employers and your abuse may lead to you being considered unemployable.

It may not be considered as harmful to your physical health as other drugs, but marijuana addiction can do just as much damage to your mental health and your relationships. More information is available through our hotline, if you’d like to know more about marijuana abuse and addiction and California drug treatment.

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