Rehab Admissions Process

Rehab Admissions ProcessThe rehab admissions process is simple, and it begins with a call to a recovery helpline. When you make the initial call, you will be asked about your addiction and personal history in California with drugs or alcohol. If you have insurance, have your information ready, as many programs are covered by insurance.

How Do California Residents Get Insurance Coverage for Addiction Rehabilitation?

Insurance coverage for treatment depends on your insurance policy and insurance provider. Some insurance holders qualify for full or partial coverage, but be prepared to answer several questions as the insurance company will want to know details and have paperwork from physicians, before they agree to cover you. If they are willing to cover you or offer you limited coverage, be sure and write down those numbers and its limitations. Have it in writing so that you won’t be surprised later.

California residents that do not have insurance, are not covered by insurance or do not want to use their insurance still have the following options:

  • Pregnant women and veterans may be eligible for government-funded treatment
  • Churches and other organizations may offer scholarships for addiction rehab
  • Rehab facilities will work with you to develop a manageable payment plan

Make sure you ask about your options before you write off addiction rehab as financial inaccessible.

Prerequisites for Addiction Rehabilitation Admissions

Some rehab facilities require that you are medically stable and have been cleared by a physician before participating in recovery. You may have to complete detox at a hospital or detox facility first, or the rehab program may offer rehab services. It is important to be organized and thorough during the rehab admissions process. This ensures that you receive the best addiction treatment for you. You may meet with facility professionals to go over the rules, regulations, rights and other logistics pertaining to the rehab process. You may undergo a clinical or addiction assessment in which recovery professionals help determine what program is best suited to your needs.

Are You Looking for a Rehab Center for California Residents?

If you are unsure about your options for recovery or would like to speak to someone about the admissions process, please call our toll-free helpline today. We are here 24 hours a day to help you find lasting recovery for yourself or a loved one.

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