School-Induced Stress and Addiction

School-Induced Stress and AddictionSchool can be a great deal of fun for many students of all ages. Not only can they spend time actively learning, but they can also develop social skills. For many students, school is incredibly rewarding and a great experience. However, for others, school can produce an abnormal level of stress that can impact the likeliness to abuse drugs or alcohol.

School-Induced Stressors that Can Lead to Addiction

Stress at school can be different for kids, tweens, teens, and college students. Each age range often faces specified demands that can impact stress levels. Some of the most common school-induced stressors based on age range include the following:

  • Kids – Kids in elementary school and middle school can often feel stress at school when they have trouble understanding something, are unable to properly communicate their learning needs, or experience issues with peers in the classroom. If left unaddressed, the stress they experience at a young age can lead to a likelihood of addiction in the future, especially if they are not taught how to properly communicate their learning needs or deal with peer pressure in an effective way.
  • Tweens and teens – Junior highs and high schools often place more strict educational demands on tweens and teens. The pressure to get good grades becomes stronger, especially since college is right around the corner. For many tweens and teens, this pressure can be too much to handle. Constantly striving to get good grades and to maintain a social life can create a great deal of stress that is seemingly relieved through drug or alcohol use.
  • College students – College is a whole different ballpark than high school or elementary school, primarily because the stakes are much higher. Professors and educators expect students to push themselves, handle a much bigger workload, and still maintain an acceptable GPA that will hopefully land them a job when they graduate. To keep up with the constant tests, projects, and more, many college students turn to amphetamine abuse while others seemingly freeze due to the pressure and begin abusing harder drugs to cope.

School and the stress that comes along with it can impact students of all ages. Trying to learn, striving for excellence, and living with the pressure to do well can be overwhelming.

Handling School Stress

School stress can be handled from the outset, especially if parents are actively tuned in to what is going on in their child’s life. It is important that students of all ages adopt proper coping skills that allow them to blow off steam. In addition, students can also work on their communication skills so that they can develop new ways to address learning issues if need be. Also, organizational skills and time management skills can be implemented to help remove the pressure that schooling can often produce. All of these tactics can be taught by parents or encouraged by a family therapist.

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