The History of Addiction Recovery Services

The History of Addiction Recovery ServicesThe way that addiction was thought of and treated in the past is vastly different than current methods of treatment. There are many myths and misconceptions about addiction today that hinder California drug addicts, but understanding the true nature of addiction can aid the recovery process.

Past Addiction Treatment Methods

Past societies viewed addiction as a moral flaw. Because they believed that addiction was a sort of willful act of depravity, addiction was treated with punishment, such as imprisonment, submission to insane asylums and mandatory prayer. These methods were generally fruitless and often aggravated the addiction. Surprisingly, in the 1950’s and 1960’s addiction was even treated with psychedelic drugs such as LSD. Current California drug addicts can thankfully expect much different treatment for their problems.

Modern Addiction Treatment Methods for California Residents

We now know that addiction is a brain disease often supported by underlying mental health issues, genetic predisposition and poor coping skills for trauma. Instead of basing treatment on morality, as in the past, it is now based upon scientific research and conducted specifically for each California patient. Another discovery has been the effectiveness of behavioral therapies. Previously, the withdrawal symptoms were thought to be an appropriate punishment for the transgressions of the addict. They believed that the pains of withdrawal would teach the addict a lesson about future use. Now we know that withdrawal symptoms actually discourage addicts from recovering.

Detox is a necessary hurdle for patients to surpass on the way to sobriety, but it does not need to be suffered to its greatest extent. Today’s doctors often wean addicts from their addictions with decreasing doses of the drug. Medically supervised detox allows California patients to adjust to the absence of chemicals that were once provided by the drug.

The Future of Addiction Treatment for California Residents

Scientists have discovered genes that are susceptible to addiction, which suggests a promising future for California drug addicts. As genes are identified, they become targets of research. If scientists know which genes are problematic, they can tailor treatment drugs specifically for those genes. Some experts are currently exploring possible vaccines for certain addictions. These vaccines would eliminate the pleasure experienced when drugs are used.

Popular Myths about Addiction

The following are myths concerning drug addiction, followed by rebuttals:

  • Myth: addiction occurs because of a lack of willpower. Addiction is not the result of a lack of willpower, but the actual rewiring of the brain. Pathways and processes of the brain are chemically altered by the presence of chemicals supplied by drugs. A California drug addict cannot quit even if she desperately wants to.
  • Myth: When addiction is conquered users can safely use drugs in moderation. Addiction is a lifelong disease that people can treat, but never eliminate. Recovering drug addicts must always avoid drugs.

California Addiction Help

If you or a California loved one suffer from drug addiction, please call our 24 hour, toll-free helpline today. The professional counselors answering the phones can answer your questions about treatment practices and options, health insurance matters and transportation. Call now for immediate help.

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