What Are the Deadliest Drug Combinations?

What Are the Deadliest Drug Combinations?Mixing drugs is common among addicts, particularly at parties where people share drugs they have obtained (usually illegally). The social pressure in such situations can further push California drug addicts into trying mixtures of drugs that are harmful and sometimes fatal. You can recover from your dangerous drug abuse if you seek the help of rehab specialists and commit to staying clean.

Dangerous Drug Combinations

What constitutes a combination of drugs? Many substances are drugs that can sometimes cause major damage, but their effects are always harmful. The following drugs will harm any California user:

  • Alcohol
  • Tobacco
  • Prescription drugs
  • Supplements for diets, weight loss or muscle growth
  • Illegal drugs

The combinations of drugs that are most dangerous are the following:

  • Alcohol with opioids (heroin or codeine). Perhaps the most serious danger with this mixture is due to the depression of the central nervous system, particularly the respiratory system. The risk of death is very high regardless of a California resident’s tolerance.
  • Alcohol with depressants (Valium or Xanax). This combination is particularly dangerous because both the alcohol and the depressant slow down the central nervous system. The least harmful effect is a loss of physical coordination, which can itself cause injury. A coma is likely to occur if the dosages are sufficient; death is highly likely at high levels of use.
  • Alcohol with anti-depressant (Prozac and etc). Effects include central nervous system decline, hemorrhaging (including brain hemorrhaging) and death.
  • Fetanyl with cocaine or heroin. On the street, this is a common combination that is extremely dangerous, often fatal.

California residents who wish to stay alive will avoid these combinations and seek immediate help.

How to Avoid Drug Combinations

While some drug combinations are completely safe, unless you are a trained medical specialist or pharmacist (and sometimes even then), you should always check with your doctor and double-check with your pharmacist before combining any drugs. Never share drugs with another Californian, and never self-medicate your symptoms.

Help for California Drug Addicts

If you have a problem with self-medicating, if you have a history of experimenting with drug combinations, or if you succumb to social pressure at parties and have tried drug cocktails, then you are taking a serious risk of harmful effects, including a coma and death. Get help now before you mix drugs for the last time. Call our 24 hour, toll-free helpline any time for instant support.

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