Dangers of Looking for Acceptance through Drug Use

Dangers of Looking for Acceptance through Drug UseFrom physical appearance to voicing an opinion, California residents are generally aware of how they might be perceived. In many cases, vocal approval of drug use and how it makes someone “cool” will pressure California residents to engage in this activity. Some people may even try drug use to show-off, as they think it makes them appear more complex and intriguing. However the pressure is received, drug use is dangerous, and any friend that pressures you to act otherwise is not a friend.

The Dangers of Social Drug Use All Californians Should Know

  • Development of an addiction: Regardless of the substance, if a California resident begins to use just to gain acceptance from his peers, he is putting himself at risk of developing an addiction. This kind of addiction can sneak up on a casual user, as his body develops a tolerance and then becomes dependent. Before he knows it, he can find himself relying on the drug to get through the day rather than casually using with peers.
  • Losing friends: Even though a person might think that they are gaining acceptance from their friends, they very well might be doing the opposite. If other peers begin to notice negative behavioral changes in their friend, they might begin to pull away from him.
  • Risk of employment: Many employers perform drug tests, making it very risky to engage in drug use, even just once. The drug use can further threaten employment if it begins to make them late to work and perform sloppy work.

When a person looks for peer acceptance through dangerous methods such as drug use, it may be an indicator of more serious problems, such as low self-esteem or trauma. Not only is there the initial problem festering underneath, but now a drug problem has developed as a result. True friends want the best for you and if your friends encourage you to recklessly take drugs and put yourself in danger, these are friends you can do without.

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