Divorce and Addiction

Divorce and AddictionAddiction can greatly jeopardize a marriage. The dark consequences of the disease greatly affect the addict’s loved ones and place a burden on their shoulders to change the circumstances, even if they are unable to do so. Addiction can create a rift in a loving marital relationship, filling it with anger, hurt, and regret.

There is a strong link between substance abuse and divorce, which demonstrates just how difficult it can be for Californians to have a husband or wife struggling with a substance abuse problem. Many people try everything they can to repair the relationship and eventually give up. Others are able to find help for the addiction, overcome the hurt, and move on.

How Can Addiction Lead to Relationship Troubles and Divorce?

Sometimes an addict is already struggling with  substance abuse when he enters the romantic relationships, and the spouse is aware of the problem but believes the addict will change. In some cases, the addict is dependent on the significant other, obliging him to stay in the relationship in spite of the substance abuse. Other times the addict hides the substance abuse problem until marriage, and is then no longer able to hide it. Many people develop a substance abuse addiction after marriage.

Marriage can be challenging enough. Daily putting another person’s needs alongside your own and making life-changing decisions together takes a great deal of commitment and compromise. When substance abuse begins to take a toll on the user’s psychological health, he may seem like a different person than before. The constant need for a fix reprioritizes the addict’s life. The needs of the family take a backseat to the needs of the addict.

This forces spouses in California to shoulder the responsibilities and consequences of substance abuse, from financial struggles due to medical and treatment costs and unemployment to relationship struggles due to the addict’s poor investment in the family. The added stress of these can cause arguments and, eventually, distance and estrangement.

Why and When Do Spouses Leave An Addicted Husband or Wife?

Many husbands and wives of addicts decide to leave the marriage when they can no longer be solely responsible for taking care of the other person and keeping the family afloat. Sometimes spouses of addicts in California leave when addicts become dangers to themselves and their families by getting involved in crime, traffic accidents, or dangerous people. Sometimes the patterns of addictive behavior cycle for years until the spouse loses hope that the addict will ever recover.

How Can Spouses Get Help for Addiction and Rebuild Relationships?

Even when the circumstances seem hopeless for a marriage damaged by addiction, there is always hope for recovery. Seeking the counsel of a professional, whether a family mediator, interventionist, or drug counselor, can help stabilize the relationship. Learning to communicate with an addict in a supportive yet firm way can also help spouses in California make great strides toward repairing a marriage; as can researching treatment options and knowing the next step. Setting boundaries is vital, but so is showing patience, love, and support.

Professional treatment programs give addicts in California the best chance for recovery, and consequently a chance to repair their marriages and other relationships.

Help for Addiction

If you or a loved one in California is struggling with addiction, call our toll-free helpline to speak with an admissions coordinator about your options. We are available 24 hours a day to help you find the treatment program that is right for you. Please call today.

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