Does My Addiction Define Me?

Does my addiction define me?When a California resident abuses a drug regularly, chemical changes happen in the reward pathway of the brain, resulting in addiction. Once addiction occurs, it becomes harder to stop using the drug. The brain has become accustomed to the substance and made adjustments so that, when the expected level of drug use isn’t there, a person will experience cravings. The brain has been fooled into thinking that the drug is necessary to survival.

Changes to California Life May Be a Part of Becoming Sober

Chemical changes related to drug use and addiction result in altered behavior. The human brain motivates an addicted person to seek out and take the drug. Addiction is progressive, and over time an addicted person will spend more time using drugs and will no longer find pleasure from other activities. If alcohol or drugs are a large part of your social life in California, it can be hard to make the behavioral changes necessary to become sober. You may spend a lot of time with the same people at parties using certain drugs or drink with friends as part of other hobbies. It may feel like you have to lose part of your identity to become sober. While recovery from addiction will involve life changes, it doesn’t have to change your identity. You can do many of the same or similar activities without drugs or alcohol, and the ones that revolve around drug use will usually become less interesting when you have more rewarding activities to look forward to.

Addiction Rehabilitation Increases Self-Esteem and Provides a Sense of Purpose

In rehab you will receive counseling and treatment that will help you achieve long-term recovery. Treatment will include the following:

  • Individual counseling. Private counseling can help you discover the root causes of your addiction. A professional addiction counselor can help you resolve past issues that are causing underlying stress in your life in California. He or she will help you deal with anxiety, depression or other co-occurring disorders.
  • Group counseling. Communicating with other people in recovery can help you understand your addiction and break free from situations and behaviors that encourage drug use.
  • Relapse prevention training. You will learn about the nature of addiction and how to recognize and avoid people and places that encourage you to use drugs.
  • Life skills training. Many rehab centers will help you build the positive social skills necessary to succeed as a sober individual. This may include activities involving art, music, outdoor activities, exercise or games. Through life skills training you can discover old and new interests that will enrich your life in California.

Start Recovering from Addiction Today

If you or a loved one is struggling with drug use, call us now. Addiction doesn’t have to define your life in California. There is treatment available that will help you reach long-term goals. Call us now, as our helpline is available 24 hours a day and is toll free.

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