The Effects of Drinking and Hangovers on Job Performance

The Effects of Drinking and Hangovers on Job PerformanceWhile the effects of being drunk are well known. For California workers, it may be difficult to get through the next day on the job after a drunken night. Drinking and hangovers can cause you to make mistakes at work, and these mistakes can cost you your job. Drinking and hangovers impact how you think. The Telegraph reports that hangovers leave the brain less able to function and decrease your “working” memory, which is, “the ability to hold information in your mind and to manipulate it” (“Hangovers Can Make You Stupid” 2013). Hangovers especially impact your ability to do mental arithmetic and contribute to a 30% increase in errors in performance and memory. Individuals who report going to work hung-over support this research, admitting that hangovers cause mistakes, cause them to fall behind or cause them to leave work early due to feeling ill. Increased mistakes and decreased performance can be devastating in the workplace and can lead to mistakes that cost an employer money, coworkers their safety and an employee his or her job.

California Workers and Hangovers

Arriving to work hung-over is a worldwide phenomenon that does not just affect California workers. In Britain alone over half a million people arrive at work hung-over daily. “The Alcohol Hangover,” published in the June 2000 issue of Annals of Internal Medicine, shares that over $148 billion in wages is lost due to alcohol use in the United States, an average of $2000 per adult per year. These losses take into account work missed because of hangovers and decreased productivity related to hangover symptoms. Hangovers are expensive for both employers and employees on a financial and personal level. The problems of hangovers aren’t isolated to the workplace, as “The Alcohol Hangover” reports, “25% of [college] students reported experiencing a hangover in the previous week and 29% reported losing school time for hangover recovery.” Young adults are experiencing the ill effects of hangovers on mental function and productivity before even entering the workforce, yet hangovers continue to cause on-the-job problems including absenteeism, errors and injury.

Ending the Effects of Hangovers

If you are ready to end the effects of drinking and hangovers on your work, call our toll-free helpline. We are here 24 hours a day to help you arrange interventions or mediation for coworkers or loved ones or to find help for yourself. Take action before you lose a job, a valued employee or your health. Call today.

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