How to Handle Guilt about Actions Committed during Addiction

How to Handle Guilt about Actions Committed during AddictionBefore criticizing a California drug addict’s behavior, it is important to understand why that behavior is occurring. Addicts are not in control of their thoughts, feelings or behaviors, but rather the addiction is. An addict can’t quit using, nor can she stop her self-destructive and damaging behavior without help.

Addiction is a disease. An addict’s entire reality is consumed by the addiction as he behaves selfishly to maintain drug abuse. Intense physical and psychological cravings for the drug will drive the addict to act in ways he would never consider when sober. This addiction-driven behavior can result in extreme unhappiness, regret and guilt.

When Addictive Behavior Leads to Guilt and Regret

When a California drug addict is using, she may engage in demeaning behavior. Drugs or alcohol can interfere with a person’s judgment, inhibitions, sense of reality and emotions. People commit all sorts of hurtful acts while intoxicated. Addicts may say things they don’t mean, name call, argue with and attack those they love. Severe mood swings can cause an addict to behave in a hostile, aggressive or violent manner. Families, friends, children and even strangers can be victim to an addict’s unruly behavior. Drug-induced behavior also frequently causes lying, stealing, cheating and other suspicious or law-breaking acts. Some California drug addicts may even cause serious injury or death to others, like in a drunk or drugged driving situation. Addicts may throw away their savings, lose their jobs or even get into trouble with the law to maintain addiction.

How to Deal with Guilt and Regret from Addiction

The guilt an addict feels for his actions can be an opportunity for change. If an addict is capable of feeling guilt, chances are he has an idea that his drinking or drug activity is a problem. These individuals know that, although they have made mistakes, there is still hope for a better, sober future. The sooner the addict seeks help, the better the chances that he has to avoid catastrophic consequences.

Addiction treatment can heal the pain caused by addiction. Counseling and therapy can repair an addict’s scarred emotions and renew a sense of hope and confidence. During treatment a California drug addict will learn to forgive herself and seek forgiveness from others. Addicts also have the opportunity to grow, heal and change with their families while in treatment. Families can participate in addiction counseling, reconciling the relationship that may have been damaged.

California Addiction Help

Your addiction will continue to cause chaos and destruction in your life and your loved ones’ until you find treatment. If you live in California and are ready to take back the reigns for your life, pick up the phone and get addiction help today. Our counselors are ready to help you 24 hours a day at a toll-free helpline. We are here to answer your questions, provide you with information and even connect you to the best treatment programs for your unique needs. There is nothing holding you back from treatment other than yourself. Pick up the phone, and take control of your future today.

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