Is It Bad If I Avoid an Addicted Friend?

Is It Bad If I Avoid an Addicted Friend?Discovering that your California friend is suffering from addiction can put you in a tough position. You want to help your friend to get better, but at what cost? You don’t want to spend your life surrounded by addiction to where it damages your own life, but you may also think can’t walk away from your friend in a time of need. There are steps you can take to look out not only for your friend, but also for yourself.

Finding Addiction in Your California Friend

It can be easy to identify addiction in a close California friend. There are a few signs and symptoms that you can look for to determine if your friend is addicted. The following are a few signs and symptoms of addiction:

  • Cravings for a drug
  • Becoming secretive about drug use and/or free time
  • Becoming limited financially and secretive about finances
  • Portraying the common effects of her drug of choice

If you find that your friend is displaying these signs and symptoms and you know that he is addicted, he needs professional help as soon as possible.

Trying to Help an Addicted California Friend

There are many options to consider when trying to help your addicted friend overcome addiction. A somewhat common way to help an addicted friend is to stage an intervention. Staging an intervention can be difficult, so consider hiring a professional interventionist to mediate. Interventionists can help you make sure that your addicted friend doesn’t feel ambushed and may help you encourage professional treatment.

How to Help a California Drug Addict

While helping your California friend is extremely important, you must also understand that you can’t let yourself become a part of the addiction. If your friend wants you to hang out with her while she is using drugs, consider telling her that you are busy. You don’t want to become involved in or enable the addiction, or risk becoming addicted yourself. It’s possible that your addicted friend may need to hit rock bottom before she realizes that this is a problem. Rock bottom for your friend might be realizing that she can’t be around you while abusing her drug of choice. It’s important that you do all that you can for her while still maintaining your own safety and well-being.

California Addiction Help

If your loved one is addicted, one way to find professional help is to call our toll-free helpline. It is available to you 24 hours a day with addiction counselors who answer your questions and help you find professional help. Call us now and find the answers you’ve been looking for.

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