The Personal and Professional Risks of a Gambling Binge

The Personal and Professional Risks of a Gambling Binge

Betting can become a compulsive disorder

Many people believe there is nothing wrong with gambling every now and then. They believe they can walk away from the casino anytime they want, so it is no big deal. Other people take up gambling to solve financial problems, and they also think they can stop gambling once their problems are resolved. However, gambling can quickly become a problem. Few people actually get rich playing slot machines or poker, and the more likely outcome from gambling is that someone will lose everything she has. If you or a California loved one is addicted to gambling, then seek professional help to quit.

Risks of Gambling

California gambling addicts often bet more than they can afford. They borrow money from others, use their credit cards and often refuse to believe that they have a problem. They believe they can overcome their losses with a big win, so they continue gambling in spite of the consequences. Gambling addicts often deny that their habit affects their lives, even when they notice how their lives are uncomfortable. Gambling binges can have serious consequences for the addict, as well as for his family. Betting money can quickly become a compulsive disorder, so an addict may constantly think about gambling, which can interfere with his relationships and professional life. The priorities of a gambling addict often shifts from family to the next big win.

Professional Risks of Gambling

One of the biggest risks of gambling is that California residents become inefficient at work, because they are absent or distracted on a regular basis. This can create several work-related issues with management as well as co-workers. Because addicts constantly think about gambling, their work suffers, which can eventually lead to unemployment and financial problems.

Financial Risks of Gambling

Gambling addiction can devastate a California resident’s finances. Once a gambler wins a big amount, she tends to think she can win again, so she will eventually bet money that she usually sets aside for bills and food. Gambling addicts may become desperate when they lose their savings, so they may explore other avenues to fund their habit. An addict may ask her friends and family to lend her money, she may use other people’s credit cards and may even start stealing to gamble.

Personal Risks of Gambling

Gambling addiction can create conflict in California families. Addicts tend to ignore their family duties and become distant from their loved ones. They spend more time away from the family, isolate themselves and often conceal their gambling activities. These acts can emotionally damage the entire family, as children of addicts may suffer due to lack of supervision. They may also become withdrawn or depressed, and they may get lower grades at school.

Gambling addiction is a serious problem that requires immediate professional help. California residents that struggle with this issue should call our 24 hour, toll-free helpline to speak to our admissions coordinators about addiction treatment. You can recover with the right support.

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