Stress Management for Chronic Pain

Stress Management for Chronic PainRegardless of how you sustained an injury, chronic pain can devastate your life. Abusing painkillers to relieve this pain can seem like a lifesaving step, but it will lead to significant problems. If you medicate chronic pain with prescription painkillers, you can become addicted to these substances, especially if this is the only avenue you use to treat pain. If stress and other factors affect you, then you could struggle with chronic pain, a debilitating addiction and many issues that encourage you to abuse drugs. However, managing stress can help you break away from the painkiller addiction and provide some alternative solutions to treat pain.

How Stress and Pain Impact Painkiller Addiction

Chronic pain can leave you feeling as if nothing will relieve your stress and help you function normally. Therefore, using pain pills can help you feel some control over your life. As you become more reliant upon prescription painkillers, you will need increasingly larger amounts of the drug to find relief. With an addiction to painkillers, you’ll find that you are right back where you started before you began to abuse drugs, because the addiction will cause many devastating issues.

Chronic pain can make you desperate to escape the resulting stress and discomfort. Some people indulge in unhealthy ways of coping, such as drinking, while others rely on prescription painkillers to retreat from stress. Without effective methods of stress relief, you could come to rely on painkillers not only to relieve chronic pain, but also to self-medicate stress.

How to Manage Stress from Chronic Pain

Coping with stress in a healthy and productive way will help you break free from prescription painkiller addiction, and it will also help you better manage your pain. A number of treatment solutions help you break painkiller addiction, including the following examples:

  • Meditation methods
  • Aromatherapy and music therapy
  • Yoga, and other forms of low-impact exercise
  • Acupuncture

Some people who live with chronic pain may benefit from surgical options that can provide relief, but it is important to note that the recovery from surgery could encourage painkiller use again until your body has healed. Also, countless pain clinics address chronic pain with prescription painkillers. While they these clinics treat many patients, they are not the best choice for someone struggling with an addiction. You would be better served seeking out alternative pain treatment therapies.

Help for Chronic Pain and Stress

To find out more about addiction and pain management that does not encourage painkiller relapse, please call our toll-free helpline. Professional counselors answer this helpline 24 hours a day, and they can help you address chronic pain and find alternative treatment solutions.

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