The Difference between Addiction and Physical Drug Dependence

The Difference between Addiction and Physical Drug DependenceAddiction is the prolonged use of a drug despite negative consequences. The desire to use the drug can be either psychological or physiological, and not all addicts have an actual physical need to continue abusing. Physical drug dependence occurs when an individual’s body can no longer function properly without the drug. The body’s dependence on the drug is the reason why the withdrawal symptoms of certain drugs like alcohol and the benzodiazepines can send individuals into potentially fatal seizures. The body becomes so used to the drug that receptors in the brain are physically changed and can no longer produce or accept their natural chemicals. The longer a California resident uses drugs, the worse dependence and addiction become.

Treating Addiction in California Residents

The process of treating a physically dependent addict involves professional therapy that addresses the physical and psychologically sides of addiction. Treatment for physical dependence begins with detox. The longer the duration of drug abuse and the greater the dosage, the longer the individual must endure withdrawal symptoms. In some cases symptoms can last for months, although the worst will be over after a much shorter period of time. Addiction recovery specialists can help recovering California residents manage or even eliminate withdrawal symptoms, and they can prepare addicted individuals for the therapy that will follow detox.

Getting Addiction Help for California Residents

If you are addicted or physically dependent on a drug and need help quitting, please call our toll-free number today. We have callers ready to answer any questions and get you the help you need 24 hours a day.

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