What Is Zohydro?

What Is Zohydro?

Zohydro is the most powerful opiate painkiller on the market

The word “Zohydro” has come with a great deal of controversy, primarily because it is the most powerful opiate painkiller on the market. For years now, prescription drug abuse throughout the US has soared to unprecedented heights; in fact, drug abuse has become an epidemic, so people often hear of new and innovative ways to end drug abuse habits. However, back in October of 2013, the Food and Drug Administration approved the sale and distribution of Zohydro, a painkiller that contains pure hydrocodone, an opioid with the potential to trigger extreme dependency issues.

Since the approval of Zohydro in the fall of 2013, considerable backlash has ensued from numerous parties, specifically because of this medication’s potential for abuse. Flash-forward to today, and the drug is on the shelves of many pharmacies, so it is ready to be prescribed to California residents with severe physical pain.

Now that Zohydro is not only approved, but also on the market for sale, a variety of concerns are coming to the forefront. For example, the leading concern is that California residents with prescriptions for this drug are more likely to find themselves addicted, even if they use the drug as intended. Those who set out to abuse Zohydro face even greater problems, as abusing this drug can increase overdose potential.

In addition, Zohydro is unlike many other prescription pills, because nothing in it deters abuse. In other words, the pill is easy to crush and/or break down to be snorted, eaten or injected. As a result, California users can abuse it in ways that produce stronger highs and stronger side effects. Furthermore, Zohydro is more potent than any other painkiller on the market. It is made of pure hydrocodone, which is found in other prescription painkillers, but it is often cut with a lesser painkiller, such as acetaminophen, to reduce its potency. Zohydro does not have anything else in it to weaken it.

It is important to learn about Zohydro, because then Californians will know exactly what they are taking. This medication is not your typical painkiller, but a much stronger one that is unlike any people have ever seen. Should you find yourself addicted to Zohydro, seek treatment immediately before you lose your health or life.

Treatment for California Zohydro Users

California Zohydro users can call our toll-free, 24 hour helpline right now to get and stay clean from Zohydro abuse. Do not waste one more day abusing this drug or any others. Call us today to get the help that you deserve.

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