Adventure Therapy for Addiction Recovery

Adventure Therapy for Addiction RecoveryAdventure therapy involves outdoor activities that utilize teamwork, problem solving and positive risk-taking. Activities may include rope courses, white water rafting, mountain climbing and other creative activities designed for challenging group involvement. Through these activities, California patients learn skills they can transfer to addiction recovery.

How Adventure Therapy Differs from Other Addiction Treatment?

Adventure therapy puts patients in a fun and challenging setting that encourages active participation. When Californians witness their own behavior in a real-life setting, they may understand the consequences of their actions more immediately than through discussion. The experience engages patients on a physical, emotional and social level simultaneously.

Therapists involved in adventure therapy have a chance to observe patients’ behaviors as it occurs to suggest positive alternatives. Many of the activities serve as metaphors, and therapists make connections between group activities and day-to-day life to encourage positive discussion. California residents can overcome their addictions if they have the right treatment method.

How Adventure Therapy Helps Addiction Recovery

Addiction is often characterized by isolation and risk-avoidance. When California patients are outside their comfort zone and forced to react in the moment, they build self-confidence and connect their behavior to their mood and emotions. Denial goes hand in hand with addiction, but adventure therapy gets rid of denial by forcing people to make decisions and work together to solve problems. They witness first-hand how their behavior affects others and the outcome of group activities, which encourages constructive change with the assistance of the group.

Adventure therapy focuses on positive change and solutions to problems, instead of past mistakes and negative behavior. Working together in a challenging and dynamic environment helps California patients explore communication issues. Patients build confidence and work through social anxiety while overcoming fears and perceived limitations. Patients may surprise themselves by overcoming shyness and taking initiative, or by coming up with creative solutions to challenges. These moments of self-discovery may be extremely beneficial to changing addicted behavior.

Californians who are fit enough may do well in adventure therapy. If the thought of therapy in an office sounds boring, adventure therapy may be a refreshing alternative for addiction recovery.

Help for Californians Seeking Adventure Therapy

If you live in California and struggle with addiction, call us now. We can answer your questions about adventure therapy and help you find a course of treatment that will work for you. Don’t delay; call our toll-free, 24 hour helpline now.

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