How to Find Help

How to Find Help

The first steps to finding help is understanding addiction and contacting professional resources

The public and medical community are understanding addiction better everyday, but many myths and misconceptions still surround this disease. California drug addicts may avoid professional help, especially if they are convinced they are not addicts because their situations do not fit the media’s image. Some of them may fear the stigma of being labeled an “addict;” others may be convinced they are beyond help because they are too addicted, too old or have failed too many times. However, it is never too early or too late to find help. Any California resident can become addicted to drugs, but everyone can find recovery.

How to Understand Addiction

Understanding addiction is the first step in finding help. Addiction can affect any California resident or family, but denying its existence only allows problems with substance abuse to grow. Addiction is a disease, so it requires professional treatment. Acknowledging that substance abuse is both present and a problem is the first step to getting help. It is difficult to identify addiction and enabling behaviors, particularly because addiction is a disease based on lies and denial. The Internet is a great place to start when learning the basics signs and facts of addiction, but this kind of learning is only the beginning. Contact addiction specialists, therapists and mediation professionals to determine how drug abuse affects your life. You can also use these professionals to figure out which steps you can take next.

Do Your Research

An overwhelming number of addiction treatment options exist; they range from therapy sessions to intensive outpatient treatment to inpatient rehab stays. Learn what each option entails and what needs are best met by each approach. While therapy sessions may seem the most affordable and least intrusive, they may not be intensive enough to benefit recovery. In other words, just because an option seems to suit a California drug addict does not mean it is her best choice. Intensive outpatient programs can be effective, but they require individuals to have a stable and supportive home and community. Inpatient programs often require a greater financial or temporal commitment, but they typically provide the best long-term treatment outcomes. Simple Internet searches are great ways to familiarize yourself with terms and concepts, but conversations with professionals will ensure you have all the information and make the right choice for your recovery.

Help for California Drug Addicts

Finding help is as simple as calling our helpline. Our admissions coordinators will answer your call and provide information, resources and connections. They are available 24 hours a day, and all conversations are confidential. California drug addicts can find help if they call us.

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