How Quickly Can I Get Admitted to Rehab?

How Quickly Can I Get Admitted to Rehab?Deciding to enter rehab is an important and difficult decision for California residents to make. Rehab centers will often begin the admissions process over the phone by asking questions about a patient’s medical history and drug use and answering any questions you may have. An admissions counselor will discuss insurance and payment options and may even arrange for transportation to the facility. Many treatment facilities admit patients daily and can have the patient in treatment within days of the initial phone call. A quality treatment center will have knowledgeable admission counselors that can set you at ease about your treatment and help you begin rehab as soon as possible.

Medically Supervised Detoxification for California Residents

Detox is the first stage of the addiction recovery process. The withdrawal symptoms of certain drugs such as alcohol, opiates or narcotics can be uncomfortable and sometimes dangerous. In these cases a medically supervised detox program is recommended to ensure a California resident’s comfort and safety. This process may be done at the rehab facility or at a hospital before rehab treatment begins. Detox typically lasts 3-7 days but can last longer if necessary.

Levels of Addiction Treatment for California Residents

The following are some of the choices California residents have when deciding on the rehab or recovery program that is right for them:

  • Outpatient treatment. Outpatient treatment includes day and evening classes, counseling and other recovery resources, and patients can go home after each treatment session.
  • Inpatient treatment. During inpatient treatment the patient stays on site for an intense period of treatment. This allows recovering California addicts to focus on counseling and changing the behaviors related to addiction.
  • Sober living treatment. Sober living care may come after outpatient or inpatient treatment. California residents will be in a community of other people maintaining and furthering their recovery in a safe home-like environment. This type of treatment can be long-term, and the focus is on developing the skills needed to succeed in a drug-free life.

How Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Can Help with Addiction

After the admissions process a person in recovery will go through counseling to discover underlying issues that may have contributed to the development of addiction. They will be treated for any co-occurring mental disorders and will build up social and behavioral skills needed to make lasting changes in their life in California. Relapse prevention is part of a good treatment program as is learning why an addict turned to drugs in the first place.

Learn More about Entering Addiction Rehabilitation Programs

Get help for drug or alcohol addiction today. Rehab admittance is generally possible as soon as 48 hours after a California resident begins the admission process. Call our 24 hour toll-free helpline now to find out more details about entering addiction treatment.

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