Is Rehab Like What I See on TV?

Is Rehab Like What I See on TV?When you turn on the television, you don’t have to flip through too many channels before you find at least one reality TV show. Today there are countless programs dedicated to superficial issues such as jealous bachelorettes, cross-continent relay races and toddler beauty pageants. With this kind of variety, it is not surprising that drug addiction and rehab have found their way into the reality TV scene as well. Shows like Intervention and Celebrity Rehab offer a couch-side view into the lives of addicts, and they offer viewers a look into the formerly unexplored world of addiction rehab. These shows can be valuable resources for addicts in California who want to begin a recovery program, but they can also be a source of misinformation.

Does Reality TV Accurately Portray Addiction Recovery?

Popular drug-related reality shows focus on interventions and rehab. Intervention-based reality programs show interventionists and families working together to convince an addict to attend a treatment program. The addicts featured on the show are often unable to care for themselves and are falling apart. Most have hit rock bottom. The addict is shown before the intervention, during their intervention and after their treatment is complete. While the actual rehab process is typically not shown, it is often explained or described. Rehab consists of detox and counseling, and the goal of a rehab program is to help addicts overcome addiction and address underlying issues that could challenge sobriety. Rehab programs offer a complete set of tools that an addict can use for the rest of his or her life in California. Addiction and recovery-themed TV shows portray addiction in a negative light. They show how drug use damages personal health and success and how it breaks families apart.

Addiction Recovery Services for California Residents

While TV can give you an idea of what an intervention or rehab may entail, it does not give a complete picture. Reality shows are meant to be entertaining, and they are edited to show the best or worst. Call our toll-free number to learn about the real reality behind rehab and addiction recovery. We are here to help you identify and address addiction issues, and we are here 24 hours a day to do so. Please call now.

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