How National Recovery Month Can Help Break the Stigma

How National Recovery Month Can Help Break the Stigma

National Recovery Month informs the public on addiction and breaks the stigmas surrounding addiction and addicts

Events held during National Recovery Month are geared to inform the public on addiction and break the stigmas surrounding addiction and addicts. This month-long committed to awareness helps addicts feel more accepted and gives them the confidence to seek treatment.

How Can a Month Committed to Addiction Recovery Break the Stigma of Addiction?

Having a full month geared towards addiction awareness in California can help expose and crush the stigmas surrounding addicts and addiction. Included in the following are some examples of how the National Recovery Month can help break these stigmas:

  • Information
  • Disprove the stigmas
  • Bring light to the issue

Issues with stigmas, such as addiction, frequently suffer from a lack of information and the individuals who perpetuate the stigmas are often unaware of the facts surrounding the issue. This lack of information generates false information that contributes to and worsen stigmas. By having a month dedicated to addiction, Californians can be informed about the truth behind addiction, information that is vital to exposing and crushing the stigmas. The more awareness brought to the issue, the more funding and understanding that can be raised for new and innovative treatments to help addicts successfully overcome addiction.

How Can Individuals Benefit from Being More Informed About Addiction?

Information is knowledge and knowledge about any issue can be powerful, especially when it pertains to addiction. Included in the following are some examples of how individuals can benefit from being more informed about addiction:

  • Knowledge
  • Acceptance
  • Support

Without proper knowledge on the topic, opinions are often ill formed, which could contribute to the stigmas. Knowledge can help others understand the struggles of addiction, the wrath addiction causes and the struggles one must go through to accomplish sobriety. With knowledge comes awareness. Although not all individuals fully knowledgeable about addiction will accept those whom are addicted, it can help make them aware of the warning signs to be on the lookout for. Awareness can help bring support to those struggling with addiction, ultimately making it easier for them to reach out to others about their addiction.

Drug Addiction Treatment

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