What Are Recovery Schools?

What Are Recovery Schools?

Recovery schools teach high school students who are recovering from addiction

California teenagers who are addicted to drugs or alcohol face unique challenges in recovery, because, while older drug addicts want to recreate their lives, young people have yet to create one as it is. Teenagers do not have careers or spouses to which they can return, because they are still trying to figure out whether or not they want a family, what they want to do for a living and how they can achieve their goals. Unfortunately, addiction recovery is an all-consuming process that leaves little time for school, which leaves many teenage drug addicts in difficult positions when it comes to treatment.

Despite addiction recovery demanding considerable time, no teenage drug addict has to sacrifice her education or future for it. How can a high school student graduate and go to college within a reasonable time frame while also dedicating the time and effort required to addiction recovery? Fortunately, recovery schools solve this conundrum.

How Recovery Schools Help Teenage Drug Addicts

Recovery schools are tailored to meet the needs of teenagers who are recovering from addiction. These schools provide therapeutic services—such as addiction counseling—in addition to a high school education. While education is essential to a young person’s future, addiction recovery is also essential, as drug abuse can destroy life. In response, recovery schools allow California students to complete high school while receiving ongoing support for addiction recovery. Most of these institutions emphasize academic achievement, because they view themselves as schools that support addiction recovery (they do not think they are addiction treatment centers that offer education). Many students in these schools have already been through rehab at least once, so they attend these institutions to benefit from a support system.

Recovery Schools as Support Networks

Addiction is an illness that is perpetuated by isolation. California Teenagers who seek recovery benefit from positive relationships with people who encourage them throughout the recovery process. Being a part of a strong, supportive community helps addicted teenagers achieve long-term sobriety, which helps them succeed in their endeavors. Teenagers who are in recovery from addiction may struggle to find a community of like minded individuals who want drug free lives, which is why recovery schools can be so valuable: along with a quality education, recovery schools create positive communities for high school students. In some cases, this community can become a lifelong fixture, a place people can go for support during cravings and other difficulties.

Recovery Schools for California Drug Addicts

If you are a teenager in California who is addicted to drugs or alcohol, please seek professional help; call our toll-free helpline now to learn more about recovery schools. You do not have to sacrifice your education to maintain your recovery. Our admissions coordinators are available 24 hours a day to talk with you about your treatment options, so feel free to call right now.

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