Top Intervention Models

Top Intervention ModelsAn intervention is a deliberate process to produce change in a person’s thoughts, feelings and behaviors, the ultimate goal being to end addiction. People hold interventions when they know someone needs but does not seek professional help. You can hold an intervention for your California loved one with the right resources and preparation.

Addiction is a disease that consumes people by destroying self control and perverting reality. When nothing else has worked, an intervention may be exactly what a California drug addict needs: an eye-opening experience about the reality of drug abuse. People may think there is only one way to have an intervention, but there are actually many options with various approaches. Because the event has such a significant impact on the addict’s future, it is highly recommended that a professional interventionist be contacted. She can assess the situation and find what intervention method will fit best with the family.

How Can the Johnson Intervention Model Help Addicts in California?

The Johnson intervention model is a more confrontational approach. This model is based on the idea that an addict is so lost in denial that he will only recognize the addiction when confronted with the crises his behavior has caused. This method follows the assumption that the addict cannot see the damage the addiction causes until he hits rock bottom. Instead of allowing the addict to fall that far, California friends and family “raise the bottom” and force the addict to face the current crises in an intervention.

A professional interventionist helps an addict’s loved ones prepare for the intervention (without the addict knowing), and then mediates the discussion. Throughout the intervention, loved ones will act as a team as they explain how the addiction has hurt them individually to illustrate the reality of the addiction. If done in a sympathetic, nonjudgmental and supportive way, the California drug addict will hopefully come to terms with the problem and the need for help.

What Is the Invitational Intervention Model?

The invitational intervention model is also referred to as a systemic intervention, the ARISE model or family meeting interventions. All these methods have the same foundation, but vary slightly with how they are carried out. The invitation model does not focus on just the addict, but rather the whole family unit. The idea is based on changing the system in order to change the addict. California family and friends attend an interventionist-led workshop to learn about addiction. This prepares everyone for their future role in the recovery process.

An invitational intervention takes a non-confrontational approach as participants invite the addict to attend the meeting, but does not force him to participate in workshops. The professional intervention will also discuss the many available options for treatment as she coaches all participants in recovering together through treatment.

California Intervention Help

To get intervention help for a California loved one struggling with addiction, please call our toll-free helpline now. Our addiction counselors are available 24 hours a day to answer all your questions and provide you with information on intervention services and addiction recovery. Counselors can help you determine which services will work best for your unique situation and even connect you with professional intervention specialists and addiction treatment services.

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