Benefits of Drug Testing after Addiction Treatment

Benefits of Drug Testing after Addiction TreatmentAddiction recovery is not a one-step process. Addiction is a chronic disease that requires long-term care and maintenance. There is no cure for addiction, no one prescribed treatment that works for everyone and no guarantee of a sober life unless the practices learned in treatment are utilized. Aftercare is an essential part of any long-term recovery, as it encourages ongoing recovery efforts and provides accountability and support during challenging times. Aftercare offers evolving treatment, as life circumstances change and coping strategies that worked in the past may need to be revised for the future. For California recovering addicts, drug testing may be an important part of their aftercare regimen.

Drug Testing as Part of an Aftercare Program for California Addicts

Addiction recovery aftercare may involve periodic drug testing for some California residents. Testing alone is not enough to ensure long-term recovery, but it provides the benefit of an instant and accurate indicator of a return to drug use. The deeper-rooted causes of addiction, such as past memories, depression or anxiety struggles or current personal challenges cannot be tested for as simply. The article “Recovery Management” (2011) in the journal Current Clinical Psychiatry reports that the following are essential aspects of “sustained recovery management:”

  • Access to aftercare services
  • Engagement in aftercare services
  • Continued connection to original treatment source
  • Treatment practices that change to meet current needs
  • Enduring post-treatment monitoring and support

Quality recovery programs will offer all of these resources. They will stay connected to recovering addicts and encourage them to participate in alumni events, talk with original counselors and peers in recovery and find the aftercare options that meet them where they are at that moment in time and in their lives. Post-treatment monitoring may include phone calls, check-ins and requirements for regular drug testing.

How Drug Testing and Accountability Helps California Recovering Addicts

Knowing that you will be tested for drug use is a powerful incentive to not use drugs when cravings occur. Drug test results cannot be denied, and those working hard in recovery do not want to admit to counselors, friends or family that they have made a mistake and relapsed. Drug testing provides another level of accountability and another reason for California recovering addicts not to return to drug use.

Another benefit of drug testing is that, if relapse does occur, you can get immediate help. Relapse is not a failure to recover. If you make a mistake or face life challenges that precipitate a return to use, you can work with counselors and treatment programs to devise new strategies for maintaining future sobriety. Relapse can be just another step on the path to recovery, if it is caught early and addressed professionally.

Finding Addiction Treatment and Long-Term Aftercare

We are here to help you find the best recovery programs that offer long-term support and solutions for addiction recovery. You can find and maintain a drug-free life, and we can connect you to the treatment options and caring professionals that will help you do so. Please call our toll-free helpline anytime, 24 hours a day, and get started on your own path to recovery.

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