Living up to Your Potential When Free from Addiction

Living up to Your Potential When Free from AddictionRecovery may seem a long way off, but it can be achieved and is always worth it. When you are free from addiction, you can have more fulfilling relationships with others and you will have the ability to work toward goals you couldn’t even imagine while addicted to drugs. Better physical and mental health means less stress and a happier, longer life for any California resident.

Healthy Relationships Are Possible When California Residents Are Sober

Addiction causes behavior and personality changes that can stifle family relationships. In some of the worst cases, California children grow up never knowing an addicted parent. Addiction can ruin marriages and friendships. When you are living a sober lifestyle, you have the mental and emotional clarity to form positive relationships. Without drugs or alcohol consuming all of your mental energy, you can appreciate the people around you and have meaningful relationships.

A Sober Lifestyle Leads to More Career Opportunities in California

Being sober means never missing work because of withdrawal or hangover. It means having the self-esteem and confidence to seek the positions you want, and the energy to work toward career goals. Being free from addiction allows you to apply for jobs that require drug tests without worrying about the outcome. Without drugs or alcohol as a distraction, California residents can focus on what’s important in the long term for a career.

Physical and Mental Health Increase When California Residents Are Free from Addiction

Drug and alcohol abuse can devastate physical and mental health. Organ damage and malnutrition affect overall physical health and life expectancy, and chemical changes in the brain can cause the development of mental disorders. When California residents are free from drugs, they have less health problems and anxiety. When sober, it is easier to treat the health problems they do have, but it’s much harder for the body to recover from anything when also suffering from addiction.

You Regain Control over Your Life in California after Addiction

One of the defining characteristics of addiction is the control it holds over your life. Substance abuse causes chemical changes in your brain, which eventually lead to addiction. These same neurological changes are so strong that they begin to control your behavior. This is why a previously well-adjusted person that becomes addicted will make poor decisions about drug use instead of quitting. Once you are no longer addicted to drugs, you are in control of what you can do with your life. Recovering California addicts are free to make decisions and plan for themselves.

Addiction Recovery Help for California Residents

If you live in California and are addicted to drugs or alcohol, you can get your life back. Call our 24 hour, toll-free helpline to learn about available treatment options. Don’t wait, start recovering from addiction today.

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