Making a Life In Recovery Your New Normal

Making a Life In Recovery Your New Normal

As an individual in recovery finds new activities to enjoy, he will find some freedom from the pangs of addiction

Starting a life of recovery brings a virtual avalanche of changes into an individual’s life, so much so that finding “normal” feels nearly impossible. As a result, an addict can feel as though he cannot find his footing in life because too many changes have come at once. Taking these three steps can help an addict to regain his sense of personal balance. If you or a loved one in California is struggling with addiction, learn how to make a life in recovery your new normal.

Avoid Addiction Triggers

One of the best choices an individual can make as she enters into a lifestyle of recovery is to avoid places and people that trigger addictive behaviors. It can feel strange to avoid things that once provided comfort, but the point of recovery is to build better habits. Particularly in the early stages of recovery, it will be difficult to resist the urge to step back into the familiar. The best way to avoid the triggers for the addictive behavior is to build healthy relationships and routines that support sobriety.

Lean into Community

The most powerful part of any recovery program is the community it provides. These communities remind an individual that she is not alone. She is not the only one struggling to break the patterns of addiction. She has friends who are in the same place, and she has counselors and support staff to lend her the strength to overcome.

In the moments when she feels overwhelmed and cannot find any sense of normal, she can reach out to those around her. She can describe how unnerving these moments are and ask for advice, support or just a friend to spend time with.

Develop New Habits or Hobbies

It is human nature to feel the pain of loss with any change. One practical way to lessen this pain in the context of addiction is to add new habits. Whether running or needlepoint, bowling or basketball, the particular activity does not matter, as long as the recovering addict enjoys doing it. As an individual in recovery finds new activities he enjoys and can devote time to, he will naturally find some freedom from the pangs of addiction.

There are some dangers in selecting an unhealthy habit, or a habit that could lead back into addictive behavior. For example, part of the culture of bowling alleys is drinking beer, so bowling might not be the best choice for a recovering alcoholic. Even with potential setbacks like this, finding new ways to fill one’s time is one of the best ways to regain a sense of normalcy.

Find Addiction Help Today

If you or a loved one in California is struggling with an addiction, we can help you. We can answer your questions. The admission counselors at our toll-free, 24 hour helpline can help you learn more about addiction. They can help you find your way.

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