Recovery Challenges Facing Fathers

Recovery Challenges Facing FathersRecognizing that his addiction has hurt his family is a difficult realization for a California father to accept. However, when a father sees how his addiction problems have impacted his wife and children, he may be more deeply motivated to pursue drug addiction treatment. When fathers recover from substance abuse problems, their wives are relieved of stress and anxiety and their children begin to function better socially and psychologically.

Fathers face many unique challenges as they seek drug addiction recovery. For example, fathers may find it difficult to accept that they have lost control. Many fathers may find it easier to continue living in denial, a state of disbelief that allows their drug problems to continue. Once a father overcomes denial, he may be overwhelmed by guilt, as he begins to realize how much his addiction harmed his kids. Fathers may struggle to realize that by achieving recovery they can become positive role models for their children.

Five Addiction Recovery Challenges for California Fathers

Despite the challenges of drug addiction recovery, finding a way to become clean and sober is the best decision an addicted father in California can make for his family. Knowing and understanding the challenges of recovery can help prepare a father for the process of addiction treatment. Listed below are five challenges that fathers and other drug users may face while pursuing recovery.

  • Accepting the need for a change – Especially for a proud father who works hard to support his family, accepting that he needs to make a significant change in his life can be difficult. Having the humility necessary to admit to having a problem is a significant challenge for many fathers.
  • Accepting powerlessness – Substances of abuse may offer fathers a sense of control or security. Feelings of euphoria may cause users to feel as if they have no faults or inabilities. Accepting personal limitations can be difficult for recovering fathers.
  • Finding new ways to enjoy life – Substance abuse often creates positive feelings. These feelings are artificial but highly addicting nonetheless. One recovery challenge is finding a new way to feel “high” or a sense of joy from activities that do not involve substance use. Fathers can find joy in healthy family relationships or in hobbies.
  • Avoiding triggers – Fathers recovering from addiction need to rearrange the structure of their lives in order to avoid people, places, or things that may trigger relapse. If stress from work causes a father to want to use drugs, then he may need to start looking for a new job. If hanging out with certain friends leads a father to substance abuse, then he may need to stop spending time with those friends. 
  • Coping with pain or other health problems – When fathers become addicted to substances they used with a prescription for a medical condition, they must find an alternative solution to managing their health problems. For fathers who work full-time and help with childrearing and home upkeep, struggling with pain or other health conditions can be an enormous burden. Finding an alternative to addictive prescription medications is an important aspect of recovery for many fathers.

Fathers can overcome recovery challenges with help from a high quality rehabilitation facility. In a treatment program, California fathers can receive comprehensive therapy, including medical and psychological care. Fathers can attend family counseling sessions throughout treatment in order for the entire family to heal. During treatment, fathers learn how to cope with life without turning to substance abuse.

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