Recovery Challenges Facing Single Mothers

Recovery Challenges Facing Single MothersAs a single mother, you are likely prioritizing the needs of your children before your own. While there is nothing wrong with this selflessness, single mothers may need to reorder their priorities if they are addicted to drugs, because they may be causing considerable harm by neglecting their own needs. It is understandable to consider the addiction recovery challenges for single mothers, but it is also important to realize that California mothers can overcome any challenge if they have the right support.

Financial Challenges for Single Mother Drug Addicts

Many single mothers have limited finances as it is, so they cannot further afford to attend rehab and miss work. Whether you receive child support or not, it can be overwhelming to consider your already stretched budget and the thought of entering rehab. You be concerned not only about missing time from work and not getting paid while in rehab, but also about how you are going to pay for rehab. These are legitimate concerns, but the cost of addiction is much worse than the cost of fixing it. Consider how much your addiction is costing you today: how much money do you spend on alcohol or drugs? How much time do you miss from work because you are high, drunk or nursing a hangover? How much time do you sacrifice with your children because of addiction?

Your insurance provider can offset the cost of treatment, and many programs exist specifically to meet the needs of single California mothers and the addiction issues they face.

Childcare Challenges for Single Mothers Seeking Rehab

If you cannot leave your children with their father while you attend rehab, you must find a way to tend to your children’s needs while you are away. If a trusted family member or friend cannot care for your children, then consider outpatient rehab, because California mothers can seek addiction treatment while they also live at home and maintain their parental responsibilities. This type of treatment allows you to receive counseling and other recovery solutions during the day, but you can then spend the evenings with your children. There is always a solution for California drug addicts, so if you are willing to work on sobriety, then you can fight for your family’s needs.

How Parents can Discuss Addiction with Their Children

California parents may not know how to discuss their addictions with their children. Parents may want to hide addiction from their children, or they may want to discuss it even if the children are not ready for it. However, if you work with a therapist, you can determine how much or how little your children can handle about your addiction.

Rehab for California Single Mothers

To learn more about addiction treatment for single mothers in California, please call our toll-free helpline. Calls are confidential, and our admissions coordinators are available 24 hours a day. Your children deserve only the best of you, so get professional help today.

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