San Diego Inpatient Treatment

Inpatient treatment centers for drug abuse help those fighting through an addiction in an environment where they can succeed rather than fall into relapse. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention reports 8.0 percent of people over 12 have abused an illegal drug, 6.1 percent have abused marijuana over the age of 12 and 2.5 percent of people over 12 have used prescription drugs for non-medical purposes in one month.

With such high numbers for abuse of drugs all across the board, inpatient drug treatment centers are a vital part of society that serve to help with all of these addictions and abuses.

San Diego Inpatient Drug RehabCharacteristics of Drug Abuse Treatment for San Diego Addicts

Drug addicts in San Diego might experience a great deal of anxiety when trying to seek treatment as they are not sure what to expect. There are two main treatment programs that addicts can choose from to treat their drug addiction — inpatient drug abuse treatment and outpatient drug abuse treatment.

Inpatient addiction treatment involves the addict coming to live in a controlled environment where professionals can monitor them. Residential treatment centers are away from prying eyes so addicts can focus on their addiction and not worry about anything else.

Outpatient treatment for drug abuse allows individuals to live at home and drop by a treatment center for treatment that focuses on components similar to inpatient rehab.

Most drug abuse treatment programs will have San Diego addicts go through detoxification. After detoxification, addicts must go through therapy and counseling where they can get to the root of their addiction.

Aftercare for Drug Abuse

While inpatient treatment centers provide environments in which addicts can live and get control of their addiction, the care does not stop once the addict leaves rehab. Drug problems and addictions are often lifelong battles no matter what drug is being used. San Diego addicts can partake in aftercare programs, usually set up by their inpatient treatment center to help them deal with addictions in the real world. These programs can include attending Narcotics and Alcohol Anonymous meetings along with frequenting support groups or living in halfway houses with other addicts.

Discover More Information About Inpatient Treatment Centers for San Diego Addicts

For an addict at the forefront of addiction, seeking treatment brings up a bevy of questions. In order to discover more information about inpatient treatment and how centers function to help you with your recovery, call our toll-free helpline today.

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