Why Treating the Person Is More Important than Treating the Addiction

Why Treating the Person Is More Important than Treating the Addiction

For rehab to achieve its full potential it must treat drug addicts completely, not just drug use

Addiction starts as a process that eventually keeps people from quitting drugs. The following factors can lead California residents to addiction:

  • Family history – According to the Mayo Clinic, people have greater chances of developing an addiction if their parents struggled with it
  • Psychological or mental health issues – According to the National Alliance on Mental Illness, a significant relationship exists between mental illness and substance abuse
  • Personality types – According to the Harvard Medical School, some personalities condone risky behavior, like drug and alcohol abuse
  • Peer pressure – Medical professionals have long recognized this factor, which is often associated with the desire to fit in
  • Lack of coping skills – All people, especially teenagers, must develop several strategies to deal with stress. People who cope with problems poorly have a greater likelihood of abusing drugs when they feel stressed.

Regardless of what led someone to addiction, drug abuse impacts every aspect of life.

Financial Effects of Addiction

A California drug addict’s desire for substance abuse is so great that she may create financial crises as she purchases more drugs than she can afford. Many addicts lie to, steal from and cheat others to acquire enough money to support their habits. Other addicts risk their homes and careers by allocating money to drugs and alcohol rather than to daily obligations.

Emotional Effects of Addiction

The most common emotional effects of addiction are anxiety and depression. Addicts often feel a great deal of anxiety associated with how they will acquire the drugs they desire. When addicts come down from a high, they often feel regret and worthlessness, so they may sink into depression.

Physical Effects of Addiction

The physical effects of addiction are often the most obvious. Based on the substance being abused, the physical consequences vary greatly, but common signs include weight gain or loss, decreased personal hygiene, signs of sleeplessness, facial features becoming paler, eyes go bloodshot, persistent coughing, nausea, vomiting, twitching and shaking.

Spiritual Effects of Addiction

While the spiritual effects of addiction may hide from many California residents, addicts often struggle with reconciling their behavior of drug abuse with their spiritual beliefs. Since that reconciliation is often so difficult, many addicts simply turn away from their religions.

Interpersonal Effects of Addiction

When California drug addicts focus so much time acquiring and using drugs, they often lack the time to engage in meaningful relationships with family and friends. As a result, many addicts lose the ability to interact with others, so they become isolated and withdrawn.

Help for California Drug and Alcohol Addicts

Drug abuse and addiction affects people entirely, so treatment must treat California drug addicts entirely for it to work. To learn more about addiction treatment options, please call our toll-free helpline today. Our admissions coordinators are available 24 hours a day to answer your questions about treatment and drug abuse, so reach out for help right now to begin getting clean.

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