What Is Vivitrol?

What Is Vivitrol?

Vivitrol has shown positive results in helping people overcome addictions to alcohol and narcotics

Vivitrol, or naltrexone, works by blocking the effects of narcotic medications and alcohol. The Vivitrol injection might be a great option for California residents interested in help treating an addiction to both alcohol and narcotic drugs in addition to help preventing narcotic addiction relapse.

How Does Vivitrol Work?

Although a new medication to help treat both opioid addiction and alcohol addiction, Vivitrol has shown promising results. Included in the following are a couple examples of how the medication works:

  • Works as a “blocker”
  • Joined with other treatments

Vivitrol works by blocking pleasure feelings associated with the use of opioids. After an addict takes a dose of Vivitrol, its blocking effects gradually decrease and will eventually completely go away. It is important to not try to overcome the blockade by taking opioids, which could lead to overdose or death. Vivitrol should not be used alone and California residents should pair Vivitrol with another form of treatment, such as counseling in either a group or individual format. Vivitrol may help the body overcome addiction, however, the addict still needs to heal and understand the reasons behind his use.

Should I Consider Using Vivitrol?

Not all addicts seeking sobriety should consider using Vivitrol. Included in the following are some examples of why Vivitrol is not for everyone:

  • Seven to ten days of not using drugs or drinking alcohol
  • Cannot use while taking the medication
  • Should avoid if liver failure is prominent or if you have hepatitis

If you have used either alcohol or any narcotic within the last seven to ten days or if you are currently experiencing withdrawal symptoms, you should avoid using Vivitrol. Vivitrol can cause sudden withdrawal symptoms in an individual who has taken an opioid, such as methadone, which can cause devastating effects. If used in high doses, Vivitrol can cause liver damage. Individuals should not use Vivitrol if they currently have symptoms or have had a past issue with their liver or if they have hepatitis.

Vivitrol Treatment for Addiction

If you or someone you know in California has become addicted to a substance and is curious if Vivitrol would be beneficial, please call our toll-free helpline today. Our highly trained and knowledgeable counselors can help answer your addiction questions and find out of Vivitrol is right for you. You can overcome your addiction, so call us today!

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