What Should I Do If Severe Weather Keeps Me from Treatment?

No one plans on becoming addicted and no one plans on the multiple obstacles that seem to appear between addiction and recovery. Life plans change constantly depending on environment and situation, and addiction treatment plans are no different. Excuses, real and imagined, often appear even after a person has decided to get help, chosen a rehab program and signed up for treatment. This does not mean Californians should delay or put off their recovery. It simply means it is time to change the original plan and continue moving forward.

Planning on Recovery

Addiction recovery requires a goal and a plan. As the book Treatment Planning for Person-Center Care shares, “Planning is a routine activity and a prerequisite for action” (2004). Addiction does not get better without action and without treatment. It is a chronic disease that worsens over time. Waiting for the right time to get help or trying to move forward without a clear idea of how to do so can result in frustration and continued drug or alcohol use.

The Limits of a Recovery Plan

While a clean and clear plan is needed for recovery to begin, a plan that is too rigid or that does not allow for uncontrollable life events can be just as detrimental to progress. Californians ready to proceed with recovery may find that a minor setback leads to feelings of defeat. However a flexible plan allows for setbacks related to family, weather and other external factors. Treatment Planning for Person-Center Care explains, “The quality of outcomes is often understood as a reflection of the integrity of the planning process and the quality of the plan itself. In general, the greater the complexity of a task that is undertaken, the greater the attention that is applied to the planning process.” Top-level addiction recovery programs help incoming patients create plans that allow for change. They understand that life is complex, and a life complicated by addiction is even more so. When weather or other factors delay a person’s treatment, they stay in close contact with the individual and ensure he or she remains motivated and encouraged to enter treatment as soon as possible.

Create Your Plan for Recovery

If you or a loved one in California is ready for recovery, do not allow any more delays. Call our toll-free helpline and let our experienced, caring admissions coordinators provide a free and confidential assessment and create the specific recovery plan you need for lasting success.

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