San Francisco Addiction Treatment

San Francisco Drug RehabSan Francisco, California is known by many as one of the most uniquely beautiful cities in the world. With its rolling hills, breathtaking bay and temperate climate, San Francisco is a great place to vacation and an even better place to live. From sports and shopping to night life, San Francisco has it all.

Unfortunately, within this vibrant city culture is the vast potential for illicit drug trafficking, dealing and use. San Francisco’s exciting atmosphere encourages its residents to enjoy themselves, but every year thousands of people take this enjoyment too far. Americans continue to enter into addiction treatment programs and San Francisco addicts, like all Americans, need to recognize and understand these options.

Frequently Asked Questions About Addiction Treatment

Drug addiction treatment can be scary and overwhelming for any patient committing to a program. Before an individual enters into an addiction treatment program, it is important that they understand what it entails. Below are some of the common questions that addicts have about treatment.

  • What happens in drug addiction treatment?
    When a patient first enters into the program, they will meet with an intake counselor to design a plan for treatment that best suits their needs. After intake, they proceed to detox to treat the physical aspect of their addiction. Once detox is complete, they proceed to counseling and then aftercare. Counseling addresses the psychological nature of their addiction while aftercare prepares them to return to their everyday life.
  • How long does drug addiction treatment last?
    The amount of time a person spends in drug addiction treatment depends on the nature of their addiction. The average stay is between 30 and 60 days. However, someone suffering from multiple addictions or an underlying mental health condition could spend over a year in treatment. Someone who is returning to rehab after a relapse may also choose to spend more time in treatment.
  • How can I afford treatment?
    Drug addiction treatment can be expensive. Inpatient facilities can cost thousands of dollars a week and specialized treatment plans can cost tens of thousands. However, centers recognize that treatment can be expensive and many offer payment plans to help ease the financial stress on the patient’s family. Some centers charge on a sliding scale to make treatment affordable. In addition, some insurance companies and employers will work with a patient to offset the cost of drug addiction treatment.
  • Getting Help for San Francisco Addicts

    Please call our toll-free number if you or someone you love in San Francisco is struggling with drug addiction. Our counselors are available 24 hours a day to discuss your California drug treatment options with you and find a program that meets all your needs.

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