Should I Change 12-Step Programs?

Should I Change 12-Step Programs?12-step programs have been an integral part of many people’s addiction recovery for decades. Those who participate in this program often reap a number of different benefits that can include gaining support from other recovering addicts, receiving help from a sponsor, obtaining structure, and learning more about addiction, recovery, and how to prevent relapse. While this form of care is typically successful for those who participate, there can be some obstacles in a specific program that cause an individual to question whether he or she should stay in the program.

It is incredibly important that you stay connected to a 12-step program; however, the specific program that you are attending might not be the right one for you. You may need to look into finding another 12-step program that is a better fit. Some of the many reasons that might cause you to want to find a different 12-step program include the following:

  • History with other participants – If you are participating in a local 12-step program, there is a chance that you might know someone else who is participating. Therefore, it might be beneficial for you to attend a different program so that your primary focus is not on the relationship between you and the other individual, but rather on your sobriety.
  • Clashes with the teacher – It is important that you feel as though you can connect with your 12-step program teacher so that you can begin to develop a trusting and efficient relationship with him or her. If you are attending meetings and find it troublesome to make this connection or establish a relationship, you might benefit from looking into other 12-step programs in your area.
  • Location issues – It can be complicated to attend 12-step programs regularly if you are not nearby. Therefore, if you originally started a 12-step program that is not local, it can be beneficial for you to find one closer to home so you can continually attend, rather than make excuses as to why you cannot go because of the location.

Some issues that could come up in your 12-step program include having problematic relationships with other participants, clashing with your teacher, and not being close enough to the program to attend regularly.

The Importance of 12-Step Programs

Regardless of what happens in a 12-step program that makes you want to look elsewhere, it is important that you stay connected to this form of treatment. 12-step programs have proven to be highly effective in keeping individuals sober for long periods of time. Therefore, if you are struggling with finding the right 12-step program for you, it can be beneficial for you to speak to your treatment center or therapist to locate another program for you to attend.

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