Defining Recreational Drug Use

Defining Recreational Drug UseFor some California residents, using drugs on a casual basis seems harmless. However, this type of recreational use can be extremely dangerous. In the United States, some of the most commonly abused recreational drugs include marijuana, ecstasy, cocaine and prescription pills. Engaging in this type of on and off again use can not only cause troubles in an individual’s personal and professional life, but also cause him or her to develop a life-threatening addiction.

Risks of Recreational Drug Use for California Residents

Using drugs recreationally can lead to a variety of serious issues that can cause negative and lasting impacts on a California user’s life. Even dabbling in any form of drug use can be dangerous. Some of the most common risks related to recreational drug use can include the following:

  • Overdose potential – Individuals who use drugs recreationally might feel as though they have a higher tolerance than they truly do based on how much they abuse their substance of choice. This can cause them to overdose or experience drug poisoning.
  • Addiction development – Many popular recreational drugs can become physically and psychologically addicting, even if the user is unaware that they are developing a dependency issue. This quiet addiction development can cause recreational drug users to quickly become full-blown addicts, leading them to suffer from numerous physical and psychological side effects that can threaten their lives.
  • Thinking addiction is impossible – Many recreational drug users tend to believe that because they are just casually using, they will never grow addicted to their substance of choice. This type of mentality is often the most concerning and dangerous risk associated with recreational drug use, as it can cause individuals to abuse more substances as they continue to feel invincible to addiction.

Participating in recreational drug use can not only put an individual at a heightened risk for overdosing, but can also increase the possibility of addiction development.

How California Users Can Tell the Difference Between Recreational Use and Addiction

While any type of substance abuse is dangerous, there are ways to tell if you or a loved one in California is using casually or has already developed a chemical dependency. Someone who uses casually does not have a constant need to get high, and is able to maintain relationships, career status and more. Those individuals who are using to excess will show a quick decline in their work performance, and social skills. Their primary and daily goal is to get high, and without the use of their substance of choice, they will experience strong withdrawal symptoms. It is important to not only get help once an addiction has developed, but also to get help when recreational use is so frequent it may lead to addiction.

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