Fears about Life after Rehab

Fears about Life after RehabOften the most challenging aspect of addiction recovery is maintaining sobriety in the long run. As difficult as it can be to stop using drugs in the first place, addicts in rehab stop using, detox and begin recovery in a safe, secure and supportive environment. Everyone in rehab, from the doctors and counselors to the staff and patients, are working toward the same goal: ending addiction. Re-emerging into the “real world” after rehab can be intimidating. Human beings are creatures of habit, and addicts have a deeply ingrained habit of using drugs on a regular basis. Learning to live in California without drugs often requires the addict to start from scratch and develop completely new and different habits.

Common Fears Faced by Recovering Addicts

Recovering addicts emerging from rehab have fears about a number of issues they will have to face. Finding gainful employment in California may be a serious issue. A person who has struggled with addiction for an extended period of time may not have job skills or experience and may have difficulty finding employment. He or she may have been let go from a job due to addiction and will be reluctant to list the former employer as a reference. The addict may have an uphill battle convincing prospective employers that he or she is now a different person.

Interpersonal relationships can be an issue for a recovering addict. The person may have damaged relationships in the past and will have to work to rebuild them. An addict may have associated only with other drug users in the past and will worry about making friends who don’t use drugs. Recovering addicts may worry that they simply won’t have any fun now that they no longer use drugs.

The Fear of Relapse

Possibly the greatest fear for a recovering addict is the possibility of relapse. Addicts in the early stages of recovery often report having dreams about using drugs; in the dreams they invariably feel very guilty, and upon waking are relieved to realize that it was only a dream and they are still on the wagon. The difficulties associated with starting a new life in California as a sober person can be enough to trigger relapse. A recovering addict may feel overwhelmed at times and be tempted just to give up and escape back into drug use. This is when the support network is most valuable. Friends and family members who support recovery can help the recovering addict maintain the resolve to stay sober. Support groups for recovering addicts and sponsors who are in recovery themselves can be tremendously helpful during these difficult times. A sponsor can remind the person that everyone in recovery faces difficulties at times and that it is possible to conquer your problems and not fall back into using drugs.

Support for Sober Living

If you are new to recovery or are searching for a drug-free life in California, it is likely that you are facing issues that you have not dealt with before. Our counselors understand the challenges facing recovering addicts and can offer invaluable advice about addiction recovery. We are available 24 hours a day to answer any questions you may have and help you find the support and resources you need.

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