New to Rehab: The Importance of Treatment Center Orientation

New to Rehab: The Importance of Treatment Center Orientation

Orientation will help you understand your environment, the options that are available to you, and what is expected of you

Entering rehab can be an overwhelming process. In addition to the various programs, classes, and opportunities the addict will soon begin, he also has had to admit that he has an addiction and needs help. Choosing a treatment center can also be extremely confusing and challenging. The most effective programs understand the unique challenges of early rehab and go to great lengths to help each individual patient feel comfortable, welcome, and informed. This often happens during a critical process known as Treatment Center Orientation. If you or a loved one in California is considering rehab, learn what you can expect from your first few days in treatment.

What to Expect During Orientation

Most people’s only exposure to drug and alcohol rehab programs is what they see on television and in movies. They may expect a prison-like atmosphere or a luxurious spa. While these depictions can be entertaining they are rarely very accurate. Even the TV shows supposedly based on “reality” are often quite different from actual reality. Orientation will help you understand your environment, the options that are available to you, and what is expected of you. The good news is that while addiction recovery is certainly a challenging process, the most effective programs make it as comfortable and engaging as possible.

While each program has its own unique features, the following is a snapshot of a typical treatment center orientation:

  • Each patient is given an extensive interview upon entry in order to help doctors diagnose and treat all aspects of his physical and mental health
  • Family counseling and information meetings are available
  • You will receive a tour of the entire facility
  • Staff will describe the entire recovery program in detail
  • Many programs will allow you to sit in on an existing peer support meeting so that you can get a taste of the process
  • If you need to detox you will be medically supervised during the process so that pain can be relieved

The first few days in treatment are an adjustment period. Staff members will make sure you are comfortable and will answer all of your questions. These programs are not punishment. They are here to help you overcome a very challenging mental and physical disease. You and your welfare are the long-term focus of all of the best treatment centers.

Adjusting To Rehab

Ultimately you are the one who will determine how quickly you will adjust to rehab. Many addicts resist treatment at first. They push against rules and challenge boundaries. This is often a direct result of the psychological damage addiction has caused. The following steps will speed up the adjustment process and help you become more comfortable and at peace:

  • Constantly remind yourself that the staff and supervisors are there for your benefit and are not your enemies
  • Realize and accept that you have a lot to learn in treatment and this knowledge will empower your recovery
  • Try to eat healthy food and stay well hydrated
  • Leave your thoughts about work, finances, and relationships at the door and focus your energy on your healing process
  • Think about all of the reasons you are ready to get clean and look forward to your new life

The first several days in rehab are the hardest. Try not to fight the process, but to submit to it. The sooner you do, the sooner you will adjust. You might even come to enjoy certain aspects of treatment.

Rehab Is Worth It

There is no way around it; rehab is difficult. In exchange for a chance at freedom from addiction you will face some hard days. That is why it is so important for you to focus on the many benefits of recovery. As your addicted mind pushes you to think about your discomfort, try to think long and hard about the following reasons rehab is definitely worth all of the frustration and pain:

  • Imagine what it would be like for your relationships to be healed
  • Remember what it was like to have self-respect
  • Consider how wonderful it will be to have hope and excitement for your future
  • Look forward to greatly improved physical health
  • What would a life without constant pain and cravings be like?
  • Think about what a relief it will be for your financial and legal problems to be resolved
  • Which passions, hobbies, or dreams has your disease interrupted?

Sometimes it is helpful to write about these things as you think about them. List as many positive things about sobriety that you possibly can think of. Then, when the frustration comes, you can re-read your list and get your focus on your future instead of your present or your past.

24 Hour Rehab Expectation and Anticipation Helpline

No one should enter a process as rigorous as rehab without understanding what he or she is about to experience. If you or a loved one in California is considering rehab and has questions about how rehab works, what it is like, or which kind of treatment might be right for you, please call our toll-free helpline today. Our staff members know what you are going through and are eager to listen and to help. Whatever it is that has kept you from reaching out so far, please push past it and make the call. There are no strings attached and you can stay completely anonymous if you choose. We’re here 24 hours a day and we are ready to connect you with the most effective and welcoming treatment programs in the world. Call now.

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