Three Signs of a Good Treatment Facility

Choosing an addiction treatment facility would be a daunting process for even the healthiest and most sober individuals. A nearly limitless variety of programs are available and it can be exceptionally challenging to discern the value or benefits of them. The choice is an important one, though. We are here to help you find a good treatment facility so that you or a loved one in California has the best shot at lasting and life-changing recovery.

Individual Treatment Plans

Does the program you are considering develop customized treatment plans for each individual client, or does it apply a singular therapy template to everyone? While the underlying principles of recovery are constant, the techniques that will bring results can vary greatly from person to person.

The following are some of the most popular and effective treatment elements in high quality programs today:

  • A thorough diagnosis of each individual’s underlying psychological wellness
  • Personal counseling of various styles
  • Support group experiences
  • Family counseling and education when appropriate
  • Introduction to healthy coping techniques
  • Meditation, prayer, centering, yoga, acupuncture and other spiritual care
  • Healthy, engaging and exciting activities
  • Strong aftercare programs

The most effective treatment facilities combine innovative new techniques with the tried and true, and integrate all elements in ways that are uniquely beneficial for each client.

Innovative Treatment Programs

The most successful treatment programs are constantly researching and innovating new therapeutic tools for the treatment of addiction. Some of the most effective modern rehab tools include the following:

  • Adventure therapy
  • Arts therapy
  • Peer led counseling
  • Holistic therapeutic tools

Not all innovations are effective, but a program that is not committed to the cutting edge of treatment trends is likely to miss out on some excellent new tools. We can help you find these innovative and forward-looking programs.

Compassionate Care

Many relapsed addicts cite cold, institutional conditions and indifferent staff as key reasons for their failure. Some treatment facilities operate like prisons or psychiatric wards of a public hospital. There are several programs, however, that are known for their deeply personal, attentive and compassionate care for their clients. Compassionate care is critical for long-term recovery. While marketing materials for different rehab programs portray all of them as bastions of comfort and compassion, the truth can be challenging to ascertain. Call us before you commit to any rehab facility and we will let know that program’s reputation for compassion and success if at all possible. We can also connect you with programs that we know are committed to treating you with deep compassion and integrity.

24 Hour Helpline

If you would like personalized help, answers to all of your questions about finding a good treatment facility, and a fast-track referral to the best possible program for your particular needs, call our toll-free helpline right now. Our staff members are ready to answer your questions and to connect you with the best, most compassionate and most committed recovery programs available today. Don’t make this important choice without all the information. We can help. Call now.

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